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  Dust and Feathers Coming Through Gaps in Molding
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I am not sure if this is the correct forum but please bear with me.

We rent the first floor of a three story single family home. Recently, we've started to notice bird feathers appearing sporadically throughout the home - please do not tell me these are signs of an angel. We looked around the entire apartment and could not tell from where the feathers were coming. I came home this evening to find a good clump of dust and feathers in the hallway.

After further inspection, there appears to be a small gap between the floor and the wall (where the molding is located). The gap is not significant (maybe enough to slide a coin through) but it is definitely noticeable. After looking throughout the house, it appears there are numerous gaps and everywhere there is a gap, there is dust and/or feathers.

My question is two fold - (1)what i the world is causing these feathers and dust to appear and (2) should we be concerned about the gaps?
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Picture of conrad
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A guess:
You either could have birds living above the room (attic space or between floors) or have had birds living there in the past...and now have mice or another creature crawling around and disturbing the feathers/dust and causing the settling. I suppose severe winds could also cause displacement of these things to filter down. What is actually above the rooms you are getting the feathers?

Active pigeon or other birds can carry mites or lice, I am thinking. I would not be happy with this situation and seek to find out what you are actually dealing with.
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You need to get the landlord involved. The whole house probably needs exterminated for vermin/varmints. Then all the cracks and gaps need filled. If you get a refusal, you can either get the local health department involved...Or move.
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How old is this home? I've seen some weird things used in walls for insulation in years gone wadded up newspapers for one and feathers wouldn't be out of the questions if they had been plentiful at that time.

One old house that we bought & tore out the old lathe/plaster walls...the walls were filled with black walnut shells and squirrel nests. I hauled out loads & loads of that stuff in a wheel barrow! The original one room structure of that house was over 100 yrs. old, but had newer ad ons to it.

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Picture of lady of shallot
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hgtvuser. Have you lived in this apt long?
When you say you see gaps where the molding (baseboard) meets the walls (in other words near the floor) are those the only gaps there are? Or are there gaps also at the ceiling?

If the former then the feathers are not coming from the attic. But have you asked the other two tenants if they have the same situation?

To have such an extent so suddenly of something so intrusive and potentially infectious does call for immediate inspection and probably professional intervention.
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Picture of jeepdarla
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Do you have goose down pillows or bedding? Sometimes little feathers and bits of fluff can work through the covers. Maybe collecting along the edges of the walls from foot traffic ?
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