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  Paper shredding-a real "duh" moment
Paper shredding-a real "duh" moment Sign In/Join 
Duh... I always hated the mess I made when I shredded my bills. Emptying the basket into a bag made such a mess. Today it occurred to me.
My huge shredder at work has a bag in it, just pull the bag out and tie it. So why aren't I using a bag in my little shredder? Yes, it hangs over the sides and looks a little less attractive (as if it was attractive in the first place LOL!)
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Good idea, but is there any way to do this and still paper recycle. Our paper recycling needs to be only paper.

Maybe a really big paper bag??

God Bless,
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In our town they want shredded paper in clear plastic bags so they can pick it out from the rest of the recycling. We do co-mingled recycling in a giant rolling bin that has all of our recycling in. That said, I compost my shredded paper. It is a great "brown" to balance out my kitchen scraps. The town just started taking shredded paper in the past couple of months.

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My advice may be worth exactly what you pay me for it. :-) For the record I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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Wow, that's a brilliant idea! I never would have thought about it. Never liked shreading because of the mess it made all over the floor.
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Isn't it amazing how DUH we can be sometimes? I figured it out pretty quick at the office. The first time I helped the custodian pour the shredded paper into a plastic bag and we picked the bitty pieces of trash off the floor...I asked for a bag to put into the shredders trashcan. Yep...bit of a DUH there too.
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LOL at those moments too!

I put the shredder part over the large trash can (with bag) at the office and shred away. Easier than dealing with all those fly away pieces.

To pick up any leftover paper pieces I use the wide packaging tape as the vacuum tends to roll right over them.

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~So are the days of our lives
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I shred into a cardboard box. we recycle the paper into the big paper bin at the dump and keep the box to reuse. we can also just set the paper filled box at the curb with other paper recyclables.

Life is GOOD!!
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Picture of M-ma
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Gee, I shred in to the container because my shredder has a little, wee insert that must go into a hole in the shredder.
Full and I dump into a 36-gal. outdoor bag.
From there when that bag is full, all that wonderful shredded paper goes in to composting.
If a few pieces topple to the floor, that's what the little, handy electric vacuum is for.
And that collection container goes into the kitchen composter. Can't lose.

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Here the recycling is picked up and doesn't have to by separated so i just dump the shredded paper in the bin with the rest of the recycling and re-use the bag.
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We don't have recycling. All my shredded papers also go into my compost....along with kitchen scraps (no dairy or meat) and egg shells, coffee grounds & filters and anything else I can put in there.

I've always shredded over a waste can that had a bag in it. Easier to handle that way.

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"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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Picture of JoW
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I burn my sensitive documents in the grill.
Posts: 8582 | Location: Omaha, Nebraska, USA | Registered: Oct 13, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Hubby burns them in our woodstove and it drives me crazy!
Posts: 475 | Location: Cape Cod  | Registered: Oct 24, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Can ya do something other than put shredded paper out for recycling? Coud it be used to "mulch" around plants?
Posts: 5578 | Location: mount holly, NJ, USA | Registered: Sep 19, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of royalboomer
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I've never considered using my shredded paper around my plants - going to give this a try this bad can it be Smile

Otherwise, I dump from the shredder into paper grocery sacks - DH is required to ask for at least one paper bag each trip - tape that bag shut and into the recycling bin with the other stuff. I don't want it flying around if it should decide to bounce out since it is all mechanical when they dump.
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Originally posted by thatchairlady:
Can ya do something other than put shredded paper out for recycling? Coud it be used to "mulch" around plants?

Last year I planted a two trees and two blueberry bushes. I put shredded paper down then covered it with a thick layer of mulch. Not one of my smarter moves! The wet paper apparently attracted worms -- a good thing, right? Not if the neighborhood skunks and/or raccoons come and dig up the worms -- while scattering the shredded paper around the yard and leaving white strips of paper peeking out from the mulch.

So now I bury it in the compost pile -- doesn't matter how ugly things get back there ;-)
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