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Steam cleaners Sign In/Join 
Picture of Handie Ann
My DH and I were looking at steam cleaners for our floors. We Were looking at a shark and than thought that we would look at a Oriak. The Sales person asked what kind of floors we had when I said laminated and some vinal she told us not to buy a steam cleaner as it would rune our floors unless they are Pergo floors. Has any of you who have laminated floors used a steam cleaner on them? I have never thought that a steam cleaner would hurt laminated floors as you are not using that much water on them.

Handie Ann
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You will get answers from people who use steam to clean their laminate floors BUT I have checked as much as I can online with the different mfg of laminate and they all say to not use steam.
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Picture of M-ma
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Agree with Metwo.
When we totally remodeled bath and partially kitchen, we talked directly to Allock mgr.
I asked about steam-cleaning laminate. We were at the Kitchen/Bath shop. The salesperson immediately called Allock. That person didn't know. The call transfered to someone else. I was handed the phone. NO!
Moisture seeps into the seams. Eventually those tiles will rise.
I spray a flat-head mop with white vinegar and water. I use that to clean the kitchen floor. The back/forth motion of the terry cloth immediately dries the floor. The floor is NOT sprayed; only the flat-head.
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Picture of M-ma
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The steam attachment to my cleaner shoots out steam at high pressure. That's the moisture that can get into the seams of the laminate.
Even though laminate is laid and really tapped tegether, there are seams.
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Steam cleaners are usually used to kill dust mites, bacteria, mold, fungus etc on almost any surface like floors, curtains, furniture. There are specialized steam cleaners for carpets called carpet cleaners. They do not use steam but use hot water to clean the carpet.
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Picture of Gwenda
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I am jumping in late but have to say I used my steam cleaner on my laminate floors some and always ended up with a slight haze. I loved using it on tile however. (The steam cleaner literally saved my sanity when our new rescue had puppies unexpectly and we kept them in our tiled garden room. I steamed that floor a minimum of once a day and often 2-3 times despite trying to contain the puppies and putting down layers of newspapers.)

The Shark steamer quickly gave way to a canister steamer (Vapor Clean II). With the canister cleaner nothing was safe. I steamed showers, I steamed kitchen counters, I steamed the cooktop, and on and on. I even got down on my tush and scooted around on all the extensive tile flooring and put concentrated steam on the grout. (Despite cleaning regularly with steam the grout came out beautifully cleaner and released an unpleasant odor as it cleaned. My house smelled wonderfully fresh.)

Forward to today. I now live in a house with a lot of wood flooring. I am afraid to use the steamer on it (I use Bona for wood floors) and the steamer sat in the closet for a while. Then I noticed some ugly mold growing in the shower. Out came the steamer and a good stiff brush. Wow! What a difference. I immediately cleaned two of the other bathrooms (even that kind of ugly brown stain that can build at the foot of the toilet). Every thing is so clean. Now I need to pull it out and steam the other two bathrooms, the tile backsplash, the utility room tile floor and...

I have never steamed a mattress for bed bugs although that is one highly recommended way to kill them should you be so unfortunate. (Your can use it to get out any unfortunate stains.) I do use the steamer to clean the bottom of the windows where dirt invariably collects and I have used it to steam out my disposal. Am I an advocate for steam cleaning--definitely. Will a good steam canister be expensive--yes! But in my eyes all the Sharks, hand held cuties, etc. just don't cut the mustard. So do your research and make your decision as to whether a steamer is for you. It can change your life.
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Picture of M-ma
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Steam for kitchen and baths is great.
Window mountings--super to clean those and get all the crud from the corners.
Esp. great on chrome on bike handles. I really got my old terrain bike chrome clean. We'd taken it to replace tires. It looked new when we gave it to our daughter so she could ride with her kids.
Spray first with Simple Green and steam off. That combo works well on outdoor furniture.
Posts: 5949 | Location: western PA | Registered: Sep 20, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Steam Cleaners reduce the effort of cleaning. Steam Cleaning apart from usual cleanings like bathrooms, floors, carpets, kitchens, these services are extended to remove grease from cars, defrosting purposes, unclog drains, deodorize rooms and remove creases from clothes and curtains and many more.

carpet steam cleaning melbourne
carpet cleaning berwick

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You should have edited out your ads. They are not allowed and no one clicks on them.
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Picture of Indexlady
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I thought the steam cleaner was a NO because of the high heat damaging the glues used in laminate.
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Picture of conrad
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I am thinking it is not so much heat, but excess moisture can degrade some glues. Depends on the power of the steam cleaner, and how much it sprays out. I have a mop type, and it just puts out steam when I want it and it goes into a pad. Kind of like wiping a table top with a steaming hot wash cloth? Very little moisture is left behind on the surface and it soon disappears/dries.

Many of the laminates are click together, rather than glue jointed now also. But real wood surface, laminated flooring could have some possible issues with the varnish. Again it would depend on the amount of moisture and how long the steam pad was in contact with the floor.
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