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  Brown Stains On Calphalon Pans
Brown Stains On Calphalon Pans Sign In/Join 
Picture of talkingrose
Have I ruined my fairly expensive set of cookware?

I have a large fryer and the rivets have dark stains around them that no Soft Scrub, Barkeeper's Friend, or elbow grease can remove.

I admit that I may have overheated the pan and caused these stains, as it is also on the bottom and sides of the pan.

I watched the video on the care of the set and thought to myself, "Uh-oh."

Has anyone experienced this? I have sent a message to Calphalon, but have not received a response, yet.
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I'm assuming the exterior of your set is hard-anodized. If so, have you tried Calphalon Dormand cleaner? It is expensive, but effective. Although Calphalon now denies it, the product info inserts that came with my set (ordered from William Sonoma several years ago) recommended Comet cleanser along with a Scotch-Brite pad for scrubbing the exterior. It is tedious to keep the area surrounding the handles spotless, but it can be done. If you cannot get the spots out, return the pot to Calphalon. I have had good luck with returns. It takes awhile, but they have never refused me.
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Anodized aluminum is very tough. If the brown stains around the rivets are burned on grease, you can scrape it off with the tip of a knife or a stainless steel scrub pad. This is for the real deal hard anodized aluminum surface only. If it's a non-stick surface, you'll have to be gentler.

I found an older Calphalon sitting on the sidewalk after someone had a garage sale. It was totally black, inside and out. I scrubbed it as I said above, then sanded the last bits of grease off with aluminum oxide fine grit sand paper. Looks pretty good now.

I used to sell Calphalon in retail stores.
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Picture of Spanish Revival
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The great thing about Calphalon is their return policy. You have to get in touch with the company to get an order # and they will pay for shipping and handling and send you a new skillet, pot, whatever. I've done it several times with 100% success.
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Picture of Florida Farm Girl
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Thanks for the reminder, Spanish.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.
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Picture of talkingrose
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Thanks to Everyone!!!!!

I did contact Calphalon and as mentioned by Spanish, they did give me a number and instructions for returning the pans.

I am so anxious! I keep going over the use of the pans in my head and honestly, I can't figure out what I did wrong.

After viewing the video, I may have had too much heat when frying chicken, but these pans were mostly used to brown meats and simmer sauces. I just don't know.

The instructions sent to me did mention they would review the use of the pans to make sure I had not abused them. There was none done purposely...I think I took better care of these pans than anything else in my kitchen.

Thanks too for the tips on cleaning, Fogbound and sms. I tried Barkeeper's Friend and the green scrubber, only. I will definitely order the Dormand Cleaner. If Calphalon turns me down, I will be willing to try ANYTHING!

I will let you guys know what happens and thanks again!
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talkingrose, I bought Dormond (sorry I mispelled it in my first post) and BedBath and Beyond.
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Picture of nettiejay
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Do you by chance use non-stick cooking spray? That will definitely build up and leave a film.
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Any word yet from Calphalon?
Posts: 3536 | Location: Louisiana | Registered: Jan 15, 2011Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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