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Losing My Mind Sign In/Join 
Picture of Charming
I have no memory, never have, never will.

Put my swim suit on yesterday afternoon, tucked my phone in my bodice because I was carrying something downstairs and spent the next half hour in the pool.

Yep, phone still in the bodice. Eek

When I thought about it I took the battery out and dropped the phone in a bag of rice. I know it works with some phones, but not when it has been swimming for 1/2 hour. Roll Eyes

I'll let you know later today.

Fun and Info
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Picture of Handie Ann
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Well that is better than dropping your phone into the sewer drain. Not one phone or two phones but three different phones all done at work. On different days and different places. That is why you buy insurance. Also had a phone in my raincoat pocket, pocket filled with rainwater yep phone took a swim. Good news is that I'm retired now and have not lost a phone to water or sewer in 5 years.

Handie Ann
Posts: 3539 | Location: Des Moines, Wa. USA | Registered: Jan 05, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of lady of shallot
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thanks for starting my internet day with a laugh ladies!

I lose something on the average of every 1/2 hour. Usually my glasses

Boy Charming wish we had a pool at this address with the muggy, sticky, humid weather we have been having and no a/c either!
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Picture of Kathy_in_wlsv
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I ran my cheapo Trac phone through the wash not once but 2 cycles when it fell out of the pocket and I didn't notice it in the washer. I did the bowl of rice thing for 3 days.

after that it seemed to be sort of ok, but would randomly ring/buzz for some reason, but that only happened for about 2 weeks. it also wouldn't hold a charge more than a daay or so.

I actually bought another trac phone and put the wet one away and it dried out but good and works perfectly fine now. We let our little girl have it if she is going to walk to the library etc.. I was amazed it came back to life. It was a $20 trac phone and is perfect for our needs.

Life is GOOD!!
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Picture of Charming
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Good to know Kathy. I can't be without my phone - it's for work - for 3 days. I had another phone that had a quick dip in the pool and I used it for another year.

It has been 24 hours and still water behind the screen.

Fun and Info
Posts: 3517 | Location: Coastal SC | Registered: Jan 10, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of JoW
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Open up your phone. Take out the battery. If its a flip phone, open the flip. If it has a slide-out keyboard (mine does, for texting)slide it out. Then continue the dry rice treatment.

I guess I'm lucky. I accidentally washed my wallet yesterday, but my phone was still in the bedroom.
Posts: 8610 | Location: Omaha, Nebraska, USA | Registered: Oct 13, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Spanish Revival
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Oh boy Charming, sorry for that, I would hate to be without my phone, I use it for everything! A few months ago we were taking a ride to Miami. About a mile away I told my husband to turn around I forgot my phone. So I run in the house, can't find the phone anywhere... so I call it with my house phone. I can hear it ring and it's very close to me but I just cannot find it. My husband comes in and looks and me, I found your phone... where? I ask... I think it's that square think sticking out of your shirt! I forgot that I put it in my br@! No wonder I could hear it!
Posts: 975 | Location: Florida | Registered: Aug 22, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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SR, put it on vibrate mode, too.

Well, I am not a cell phone person. Never have been. I keep it in my purse and can go weeks/months without turning it on.

Charming, I saw an ad for a waterproof phone. I can't remember what brand it was, though, but they're out there if you need one.
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Picture of Charming
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Jo - The first time I had a phone take a quick dip in the pool I had recently read about that. It was not completely water logged like this one. Roll Eyes It still has water behind the screen. Going today to buy a cheapie phone. I wasn't overly fond of this phone, but I was resigned to keeping it for another 1 year until the contract ran out.

Fun and Info
Posts: 3517 | Location: Coastal SC | Registered: Jan 10, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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What a great way for me to start my day...not so good for you, but I enjoyed it. Big Grin

Awhile back I came straight in from work, shucked my slacks, put on a pair of shorts, then put my dark colored clothes in the washer. 10 minutes later I slapped the pocket on my shorts. No phone. I did the rice bowl never came back. Husband took out the battery to reserve for his identical phone. (I haven't had one that good since! Motorola Razor.) I put it in the toy basket for the grands. Later one of the grands picked it up to play with. Guess who asked me about the battery...yep...husband. LOL Neither one of us can remember anything!!!!
Posts: 17064 | Location: Daingerfield, TX | Registered: Feb 07, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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