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  installing window blinds... inside or outside window??
installing window blinds... inside or outside window?? Sign In/Join 
So part of my cleaning binge was dealing with nasty mini-blinds. A hassle wrestling with them to clean... used bath tub as cleaning area.

After I finished that, dawned on me to ask SIL about a product she has in her VERY sunny, south-facing diningroom. VERY light-weight, honey-comb type blinds. Attached with double-sided tape. Only "hardware" was 2 clips that resemble hefty plastic clothes pins... what you use to hold gathered up blinds open. She has a triple window and 3 blinds were DIRT cheap... think she said only about $10 for the whole thing. They've been up at LEAST 6-7 years and she has had NO problems with them at all.

Since pretty much "disposable", not a lot of options, but that's OK. They came in 36" and 48" widths. Package says they can be trimmed. My bedroom windows are about 46.5" by inside measurement.

Question is, would you trim (risking a mis-cut with utility knife) and hang INSIDE window frame OR hang right above window on outside (would be overhang of a slight 1/2" on each side)? The look doesn't matter cuz curtains will cover either way. I didn't include the "name" (didn't wanna look like a commercial) but can if that helps with advice.
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I recently installed honeycomb shades. A bit different since they have hardware to raise and lower AND a lot more expensive.

But I debated whether to hang inside or over the window. Since I could get them cut to size I went inside but I think in your case hanging it above might be the better option. Trimming is not always as easy as they say and an outside mount will give you more leeway as to where to mount. If you do need to trim a bit it will be behind the edge of the curtain in case it is not perfect.
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IMO, inside looks neater.
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Having worked at a carpet/drapery store years ago...blinds go inside the window frame and curtains/drapes go outside the frame.
Not only does it look much neater that way, you also don't have any interference when raising/lowering or opening/closing both.

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I prefer blinds of any sort hung on the frame because there's no gap for the sun to shine through.

That being said...I hate blinds! I have only two mini-blinds hanging in my house. They are corner windows in the master bath at the jetted tub. The blinds are hung inside the frame and stay in the up position 99.99% of the time as neither of us are tub people. The handful of times (in 10 years) that I have crawled in the tub, I let down only the blind to the west where neighbors are "over yonder." I doubt that they could see through that window even with binoculars but ...sigh... I don't want anyone having a heart attack. The other window faces the back 8 or so acres with no back yard neighbor for a couple of miles. Big Grin I love country living! (Except for the neighbors' roaming dogs. Frown )

And I buy cheap blinds. When it comes time to clean them, they go in the trash and I'll buy new blinds. Wink
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These "disposable", peel & stick blinds are extremely inexpensive. Spent a little over $12 for 2... they'll go up next time current ones need cleaning... they'll go in TRASH!!

I know hanging them INSIDE window frame seems the correct way to go, but I'm with KYIS... that little sliver of space that lets in sun can be annoying on mornings when the alarm isn't needed. Someone would have to move curtains to see just how they were hung.
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I just spent less than $5.00 for regular mini blinds. They are so inexpensive these days I don't wash them I just replace them. Once your hardware is up there's no problem just slipping in new blinds. Go to Home Depot or Malburn curtains. I have a question about the double sided tape on your blinds. Would it damage the wall taking them down?

I just found when I bought this house 5 years ago everything they did in here was half-a**ed and has caused nothing but a lot of repairs and a lot of ** because they were either lazy, didn't have a clue as to what they were doing or just didn't care.
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