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Windows cleaning Sign In/Join 
Glass windows are difficult to be cleaned. When I use the cleaning cloth, there is always chippings left on it. What do you choose to clean your glass windows?
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Picture of ga.karen
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Wadded up newspapers!

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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I'll try it next time when I clean my windows, thank you!
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Learned about newspapers LONG time ago. One thing we discovered: We purchased a gooseneck faucet for our kitchen sink. It is wonderful; however, when we tilt our Pella kitch window it gets in the way. It takes two people to handle that outside window cleaning. Thankful how easily all the other windows are able to be cleaned though. Smile
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If I'm not mistaken the advice about using newspapers was from before when they used ink that left the hands marked. It was in fact that ink that was supposed to be beneficial. Newspapers today do not use such ink so I would think that means they are no more beneficial than any kind of paper. Cheaper though of course to use.
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Picture of conrad
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Depends on what ink is used in your newspaper, as to how successful it may be for you. Many news printers now often use soy based ink, which can actually tend to leave a greasy residue on the glass that can show up in sunlight. (at least this is my experience)

I use clean microfiber towels for any final wipe down, AFTER using a window mop/Dawn detergent solution and a squeegee.
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Picture of M-ma
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Spray bottle of white vinegar and water.
Microfiber cloths: one to wipe; one to dry. Very clean windows.

Dependent upon window -- a squeegee many be used; two large sliding panes bet. dining area and addition. Squeegee helps tremendously with those.

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Windows are supposed to be cleaned???

I'll try the vinegar and water, with microfiber cloths.

My windows really don't get "dirty." They get dusty, so I usually just use a Swiffer duster on them.

The only one that gets dirty, is the French doors, and that is from doggie nose prints. I just use Windex and paper towels for that.

We like to wash our vinyl-sided one-story house in spring and fall, so the outside of the windows gets cleaned then. Although, durng pollen season in spring I've been known to use the Swiffer duster on them outside.

We have the windows where you can clean the outside from the inside, but found the windows are sooooo big and heavy, it's not easily done. Except for a couple of windows, they are all 7 foot tall windows. Only the bathrooms and 1 bedroom have smaller windows.
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