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  Another, ewww that smell!!
Another, ewww that smell!! Sign In/Join 
Picture of Charming
DH used my car to take the trash to the recycling center and did not notice there was a crack in the kitchen garbage can. Well, it leaked through the tarp and now my car - STINKS! Mad We have tried shampooing with the spray on stuff, with the carpet shampooer, airing, vinegar, etc. What suggestions do you have?

PS - we are leaving in 2 days for a 14 hour road trip to NY and will be driving a friend all week in my smelly vehicle!

Fun and Info
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Picture of CJO
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BTDT; we had a bag bust that had fish guts, in it!!!!!!! We were going by the 'dump' before a long out of state trip! About an hour in, I stopped at a store and bought baking soda and vinegar and dumped in in the trunk... Gads!!! That helped but it took a logggggggggg time for the smell to go away; ick. We still have that car, too ... she runs great, but looks like H E double-toothpicks!!!!!!!!!!

YOU COULD BUY A FEW BIG BAGS OF CHARCOL TO DUMP IN THE TRUNK!!!!!! Probably better than my method... Wink
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Nature's Miracle or any other pet stain enzyme cleaner gets rid of organic odors and should help your car smell better. It is available at pet stores and some supermarkets.
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Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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Spray with something like Febreeze...

Sprinkle some baking soda over the area...pat it in good...sprinkle another layer on top. Vacuum up after several hours. Then sprinkle it on, pat it in, leave it for the duration of your trip.
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Picture of JoW
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I second the Nature's Miracle. But you have to use it like the package says. SATURATE the smelly area and around it. Let it dry naturally. If it dries in less than 6 hours you probably didn't use enough.

You can get Nature's Miracle at places like PetSmart and PetCo. You might find it in the pet section of a discount store.
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When we were kids, Dad would go from SE PA to DE to buy milk cuz was significantly cheaper. Sounds like a cross-country trip bu not... maybe a 15 minute drive. Milk came in square GLASS gallon bottles with heavy-duty wire handles.

I VIVIDLY remember one trip. He had a "land yacht" '69, baby blue T-bird. NOT a sports car, first car he had with power everything. As we were driving home, there were the TWO gallons of milk on the floor behind him... I was sitting back there, too. We hit a bump or something and they momentarily clinked together!! It was like a movie scene in SLO MO. When they came back together, one of them BROKE and a gallon of milk sloshed all the way under the seat up to gas/brake pedals... THEN sloshed back all the way! We did our best to sob up & clean up, but after a few days smelled like 10 people had PUKED in that car. The car sat with all windows down every minute possible. Eventually it totally dried up and smell was pretty much gone... EXCEPT for rainy/wet/humid days and then you GAGGED while driving in it!
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Picture of junk collector
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Another vote for nature's miracle. Let it soak.
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