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  Dishwashing Liquid for House Cleaning?
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I am just wondering about using diluted dishwashing liquid soap as a general cleaner for the entire house. What do you guys think of that idea? It would be non-toxic, wouldn't it? So instead of using Fantastic or 409 or Mr. Clean, use a spray bottle filled with water and some liquid dishwashing soap to clean the counters and bathrooms.

Our last house had a stainless steel sink and that is all I ever used to clean it. I used one pump of dishwashing liquid (not diluted) and washed out the sink every night, then went on to the counter tops. Sometimes I used a spray cleaner of sorts on the counters.

I did buy Dr. Bronners soap and I think that is what is giving me the idea. Except for the peppermint, I don't like the fragrance of the other two I purchased--rose hemp and recently, the orange. Thought I would really like the orange but it's sort of disgusting to me with the rose hemp not being much better.

Home Depot had a 3 pack of Gain dishwashing liquid and I bought one--the lavender fragrance. It smells very nice, to me.

Anyway, am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences on this. :-)
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Forgot to say, I generally love fragrance but those cleaners with febreeze smell yukky to me. I don't like that fabuloso fragrance either. It just smells artificial.
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I cannot see any issue with using it as you describe. Especially if Diluted well. I would probably choose a small spray bottle and use hot/warm water?
Most people I know, tend to use their sink dish water to quickly wipe down counters and tabletops on a daily basis anyway.
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My scrub bucket almost always contains a squirt of dish detergent, a dash of ammonia, and a Splash of white vinegar.i have done it this way for 40 years.
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I have been using a mixture of vinegar and water to clean my formica counter tops. Spray, clean and wipe dry. You could use dish soap but I would use very little...don't want a lot of suds.

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Yep, the vinegar and water works well. If you want a purchased product, try Seventh Heaven spray cleaner. They have one similar to 409 and it is unscented.

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You can look up all kinds of homemade recipes for all kinds of cleaners on the net.
Even the homemade window cleaner with alcohol would likely work on the counters too.

And while you are at it...if you don't use one now, look up the recipe for homemade veggie wash that has white vinegar in it & use it on all fruits, veggies & melons before you cut anything. It will remove a goodly portion of any pesticide/herbicide left of those items.

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Charcoal, I, too, have done this for a few years. I've always used a diluted solution for window cleaning and truly it seems to work well for most applications.

Hmmm, never thought of putting a little vinegar in with the water and dish detergent. Good idea!

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I have a squirt bottle of water and dish soap that I use for almost everything. been using it for years. The only thing I have not tried it on is windows.

Handie Ann
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I do not use any kind of soap for windows. I have a spray bottle of ammonia, water, and white vinegar for the windows. I also use that for any spots on the carpet.
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I started using various degrees of diluted dish-washing liquid as a cleaner back in the days when I simply couldn't afford a bunch of expensive, specialty cleaners. Aren't we seeing that too many 'antiseptic-type' cleaners are being used and now we are more susceptible to more germs?
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