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benign neglect Sign In/Join 
Picture of lady of shallot
this should really go on the gardening site but I never post there so don't know those people or the activity.

Anyway early this summer DH & I bought morning glories and sweet peas to climb the lattices over two window boxes. Have only had one flower.

Yesterday when we were nosing around the wood pile at the transfer station we noticed long runners of morning glories with many blossoms lying on the ground. We picked a long streamer and brought it home to put in water. There is a blossom about every inch or two. Go figure!
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Picture of beedeeess
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I never planted morning glories but someone in my neighborhood did! I'm guessing birds and wind spread the seeds. I had morning glories solidly cover a 50' long chain link fence and for the life of me couldn't get rid of them. When I moved out of that house they were still there.
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Picture of ga.karen
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Most of the gals over on the gardening board are just now starting to get blooms. I think they are a little late this year due to the weather conditions.
If you got hold of a wild one, depending on where you can be invasive.
All of them are invasive down here so I don't plant any. We have about 5 different wild ones that we try to keep under control.

And don't be afraid to post over on General Gardening. There are several here that also post over there, so you would among friends!

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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Picture of nettiejay
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Originally posted by ga.karen:
If you got hold of a wild one, depending on where you can be invasive.

Right. Make sure you haven't brought home a sprig of bindweed. It'll take over.
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Picture of Handie Ann
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If you are not sure of the plant takeing over plant it in a pot not in the ground where the roots can spread.

Handie Ann
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Picture of Waverider ;)
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I have planted Morning Glories many times. I never have much luck at all. I planted them last year and they wilted whenever it got hot and sunny. I finally put it in the shade, but of course it didn't flower there either. I think I made the big mistake of putting a tiny bit of compost on the top of the soil to keep it moist and maybe stop drooping all summer long. Too much nitrogen presents lots of leaves and few flowers. I think that was my problem! Some people have magnificent flowers....
(P.S. I don't cook and I really like the people on the 'Entertainment/Food board. I am always on the Gardening Board. The people are really, really nice and are soooo knowledgable & helpful, come on down.....)(you know me, right?!) Wink Smile
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