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I'm having my carpets cleaned on Friday. Now, this isn't my first rodeo, but I can't say I've felt very successful with the whole process in the past.

The problem is this: I'm not sure how to best prepare for having the carpets cleaned.

Last time I went with a company that advertised that they move furniture- but when they got to the house, I learned that they would move some furniture... but not a lot. I was scrambling about the house moving furniture into bathrooms, the kitchen, etc. (anywhere non-carpeted). It was rather comical, in a way, because these two strong men wouldn't move the furniture- so I was doing so myself.... all by myself. Just me.

I'm guessing the company had some kind of liability/injury concern, and so they had limited what their employees could move. Must have been too wordy/detailed to put in the ad.

But I digress....

...I'm not sure about this new company or what to anticipate as far as what I should move- or where I should just accept that the carpet beneath that bookcase won't be cleaned.

(BTW- I'm having them cleaned because the house is going up on the market next week)

So any tips on how to prepare? (not knowing what restrictions this particular company might have)
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Tomatoqueen, I definitely hear you. In my experience, many companies have policies that they don't tell you about at the time of booking the appointment.

To avoid disappointment and/or extreme frustration in trying to move everything in advance of the cleaners once they are actually in your house, I would simply call the company tomorrow and lay out exactly what the situation is, what furniture you have and what exactly they will do in this regard.

That way you might be able to prepare ahead of time once you know what they will or will not be willing to do. Good Luck! Cool
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Personally, I wouldn't sweat it. Potential buyers are not going to move the bed or bookcase to see if the carpet is cleaned, are they? Even a house inspector for a potential buyer is not going to move the bookcase and other heavy furniture. It is not going to affect the showing of your home unless the pooch has made a mess under a large piece of furniture, which in your case, I doubt is a problem.

Good luck on your sale.
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I've never had expectations that any beds, entertainment centers, big chests, bookcases were to be moved during carpet cleaning. We had all our carpeting cleaned last fall before we left for FL and when we moved this April you couldn't tell the difference other than a few indentation marks where the furniture stood.
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As others have mentioned, move out all the small stuff (lamps, end tables, dining chairs)that you can find room for elsewhere. They will move couches, love seats or large recliners and clean under, then put protectors under the legs when moved back in place onto the damp carpet.

Bookcases, and large furniture that cannot be easily moved, stays put.

If you have floor length drapes, good idea to clothes pin them up off the floor level so they do not get damp or accidentally sprayed.
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So, Tomatoqueen, I figure that the cleaners have come and gone by now. How did it work out? Cool
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"Furniture moved" applies only to sofas, chairs and tables. Nothing else. Apparently, (at least with this company) they used to move all kinds of furniture- but then people were complaining about damage. So not moving most kinds is so they aren't held responsible for damage.

OK... so I cleared out what I could, and I just told the technician to let me know when he was ready and I'd move the items that he was not under obligation to move.

It worked out OK. The carpet looks good. Especially since it is the original 20 year old carpet. (good quality stuff). There are some stains here and there, but it is in good enough condition that even if a buyer wanted to replace the flooring, they could save up and still have nice floors in the mean time.

This did require dismantling several rooms in the house and shuffling a lot of stuff out to the garage. But this is the last time I'll have to do any deconstruction. From here on out it is putting things back together in a way that presents well.

I have a stager coming on tuesday, a photographer soon after that, and we will be on the marked on Thursday.
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