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Sort of disheartened. Swept and mopped the floor the night before last. I did a really good job mopping--used Dr. Bronners and the Wonder Mop for the first round followed by a plain water rinse with the Don Aslott flat mop for the second round. Laminate flooring.

Typical, the floor looked nice when I was finished with it and ugly the following day.

So last night I bought one of those Swiffer mops for laminate(wood). I ran it around the floor last night and I was so disheartened to see how much dirt it had on the pad when I had just washed the floor the night before.

What in the world is the trick to getting floors clean? I never had this type of problem with any flooring in the past. It's just this laminate that looks awful and I can't seem to keep clean.
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I have had laminate in my kitchen for about 6 years and here is what I do. I sweep the floor with a broom first to get all the loose dirt up. Then I fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water....probably 1/2 cup vinegar and then to the top with water. I use a swifter mop (flat) with a damp turkish dish towel on it. I spray a 4 x 4 spot on the floor and then wipe that square with the swifter towel thing. Spray another part of the floor and then wipe and continue on until all of the kitchen is cleaned. I either let the floor dry then or if I really want it to dry fast and be shiny, I put a dry Turkish towel on the swifter and wipe the floor dry. I mop about twice a week. It is so easy to do and I am sorry you are having such a hard time with your floor.

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love life
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Oh, CM! I had the same problem with a vinyl floor. It seemed I could never get it clean. Was soooo frustrated. Then I figured out my problem. My mop was dirty. (Duh!) it was sponge and no matter what solution I used it was just moving the dirt around.

Could that be your problem?

My cleaning is now pretty much the same as May's.
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Picture of cocok
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I mop mine with an industrial string mop (I have a lot of floor)with either vinegar and water, or every once in a while, Murphys soap. Then I dry the floor with a towel as I go along. I wash the mop head in the washing machine, inside a sip up lingerie bag after every use, and let it line dry.
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Actually, the Wonder mop I used was old. I have a new mop head for it but can't find it. I did clean the Wonder mop before I used it and the Don Aslett flat mop was totally clean.

Sadly, even today, the areas I did last night with the Swiffer mop look bad, like there's an oily film on it that shows foot prints, paw prints, and everything else.

Gosh, I hate laminate. So frustrating.
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Sounds like you do have an oily residue....have you tried the vinegar and water? That should help "cut" the oily stuff. I don't blame you for being frustrated. When all else fails, could you talk to the store that sells the same brand that you have? Maybe they have a suggestion.

love life
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Using Vinegar is the best option to clean the carpets, but other than this there are also various methods to remove the dirt such as pre spray or can also take help of the machines, which also makes very easy to clean it.
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There are many easy ways to clean your floor, to clean the tile wood and vinyl floor you just use the warm water, but first vacuum or sweep the floor to remove loose soil and grit from the floor. Don't use a spongy mop to clean the ceramic tile floor, its better to use the micro-fiber mop it will clean all the dirt remains in floor.
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