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  Spin off on the spin off on Guest Room
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Picture of Charming
I have/had 2 guest rooms. The larger of the 2 has been confiscated by DH since he retired and decided he needed his own office. My office is down stairs in what would have been the den, not that we needed one.

So in my lovely nicely decorated room we now have his book cases, his huge desk, his 32" television, his dvd's, cd's, clothes, boxes of useless stuff,etc. So now when we have company and need that bedroom it is hauling stuff out and dumping it in our bedroom. Roll Eyes

Our other smaller bedroom is currently a disaster. One problem with our house - not enough storage and too much stuff. I'm thinking about getting rid of the traditional bed and either getting a day bed with trundle or a murphy bed. But with either of those I lose the under bed storage.

I don't know if I want suggestions or just to vent.

I think I'm taking up Martha's challenge and will try to rid myself of 200 pieces of clutter per month so perhaps by 2018 I can relax in my own home.

Fun and Info
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This is a great place to vent. Smile My home office/craft room/smallest bedroom is always a disaster. If I have more than one guest at the same time, someone gets to sleep on the pull-out sofa in the den because I'm not cleaning out my office.
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Picture of Charming
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If I were to unload the collection of important items on the sleep sofa in my office we have room for extra guests. Big Grin

Fun and Info
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Picture of Florida Farm Girl
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Oh, we do all hang onto too much stuff, don't we?

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.
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I hang onto it because it's easier than getting rid of it and I always think I may need it someday. I have a nearly new Christmas tree that's too heavy for me to bring in so that's going next week while grandson is here to help me along with a lot of other stuff. He's only going to be able to stay one week this year but I'm going to have him help me with the high and heavy stuff. He's a big, strong 16 year old so he can do it. All I have to do is feed him. lol
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