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  If you were going to build a new house
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Picture of Spanish Revival
Would you include a Formal Living Room? We are not building another home, they'll be taking me out feet first! But, if we did build another home I would not have a formal living room. It's hardly ever used. It looks pretty and makes a nice impression when you walk in the front door, but it's such a waste of valuable space, I'd rather take that square footage and put it to the kitchen and family room where we actually live! I would not however, give up the formal dining room.
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Had one house with a formal living room. That is where we put the piano, organ, desk and file cabinets. Made it useful and since it was the first room you saw when coming in, it made me real neat with the paperwork. I dislike wasted space. No formal rooms at all in my house.
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Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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No. When DH and I married 15 years ago, I packed up and moved 320 miles to his house. It had a formal living room and a family room. But half the closets I had in my old house. Because the master bath shared a wall with the living room we built a wall at the halfway mark of the living room and built a HUGE walk-in closet off the master bath.

The new "sitting room" right by the front door had a little table and a couple of chairs facing the entry that you could sit down, take shoes off or put shoes on, a place to drop keys or if your arms were overloaded, drop off packages. A GREAT place to leave notes so that when one left the house when the other was gone we would know where.

The remainder of the sitting room housed my hand quilting frame. Talk about a conversation starter!

When we sold the house, the buyers loved the walk-in closet.
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Picture of conrad
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As long as I had enough space in a great room or connecting family room...a formal dining room would not be necessary for me. Nor would a formal living room. But it does depend on how one tends to live, entertain, and use space in a house.

I tend to like large open spaces rather than chopped up, smaller rooms...but that again is a personal taste issue.
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Picture of Spanish Revival
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Definitely the open concept works best for us too. Not all the way open though, family room, eat-in part of the kitchen and kitchen all together.
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Picture of Florida Farm Girl
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Our house has what is supposed to be a formal living room. We use it as the computer/reading room but we don't really need it. Has comfy chairs next to the window, the book cases and DH's computer desk. We have a formal dining room. Both those rooms are a total waste of space. So to answer your question, NO, I wouldn't have a formal living room or dining room.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.
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Picture of Kathy_in_wlsv
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IF I win the lottery I plan to build a house based on the 1868 Victorian farm house I lived in in high school. not 1 but 2 formal LR's (one "best parlor") one every day parlor...

The house had 6 bedrooms, 2 parlors, a family type room, a HUGE attic, 3 porches 1 closed in. sigh.

I like separate rooms.

Life is GOOD!!
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Picture of CJO
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We recently built a new home and it's our first formal living/dining area; one long space. I LOVEEEEEEE it, because it always looks good! We have so much glass across the front and the eye appeal 'through the house' is lovely. I don't even have window treatments yet...still thinking on that.

Another plus about the above space, is that the family room, kitchen and guest area is to the right of it which works especially well when we have guests.

Yet another plus is that our master area and my office is all to the left of the formal area. All can be locked for privacy/quiet when we have guests.

Love this floor plan and house Smile It's the easier house we've ever had to keep looking nice!
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Picture of lady of shallot
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Building a house to my specifications will remain a dream undreamt! However I like a "formal" living room. . . although mine is not really formal, but it is the room you enter from the front door, the room that has the stairway and fireplace, where we sit to read or visit with friends and family. It is a smallish room, only 15 feet square and the stairway comes out of that 15 feet.

This would be a great thread for the decorating forum.

We also have another living room, which is smaller. Here we sit to read, visit and watch t.v. We do not have a family room. That was not the style in 1905.

Rather than abandon a living room I would like a nice large room that could serve many functions. Mine has always been a small family, so has always suited us and my house though far from perfect would not be improved by the absence of a living room.

I know houses where the living room is so small that it seems an afterthought. This is sad. A living room is a lovely space to have in addition to a nice large family room.

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I enjoy having a living room and dining room separate from the kitchen and family room. There's no television in the living room and it gets used for reading and visiting with friends and family.

The family room gets used to watch television and play video games. The dining room is where we eat most of our meals. The breakfast room tends to be where we play board games, work puzzles, sort mail, do homework, grab a snack, do craft projects, etc.
Posts: 83 | Registered: Sep 08, 2011Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of cocok
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I love my formal living room, and would never want to be without one.
Posts: 7262 | Registered: Apr 08, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of ga.karen
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We did build our own house. I drew up the plans & DH did about 95% of the building without help.
I planned a wide hallway, in case needed for wheel chairs or walkers and someone else can still get past. My kitchen is a wide galley one for the same reason. Our living room is not formal and we don't have a family room so it works as both and the dining area is off an "L" of the living room. Between the living room & kitchen are my pantry and what I call a cleaning holds excess paper goods & cleaning equipment/supplies. These are two separate storage areas...they open at opposite ends.
We have a walk in closet in the master br and nice big closets in the other 2 bed of which is used for office/sewing/craft room.
I also have a "utility room/laundry room" that is large enough that I have 2 freezers in there, one upright & one chest....and there is still room to move and open them all.

If we were to build again, there isn't much I would change...just the location of some light switches is all! And maybe add a screened in area on the front gets pretty buggy down here in the summers.

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"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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Picture of Georgia Peach
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I think I would like a formal living room but I doubt we will ever build again. As I've mentioned we actually have 2 homes attached to one another so we have two dens. One we live in and one we entertain in and I don't think I could do without either. CJO your house plan sounds just like what I've always wanted especially with all the glass to enjoy the outside views. I've always dreamt of a house with a hallway the length of the back of the house with plenty of glass and windows with all the rooms on one side of the hallway.
Posts: 2289 | Location: Coastal Plain Region ~~ Georgia ~~ Zone 8b | Registered: Sep 18, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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*dreaming* Well, IF I ever had enough money to build a house, I'd have a formal living room. I'd probably use it informally, but I'd have one.
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