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  NEVER ENDING cleaning/purging!?!
NEVER ENDING cleaning/purging!?! Sign In/Join 
After 6-8+ week downtime (recuping from foot & back injuries), I have been INSPIRED to get my house in shape... before school starts back up.

Problem isn't "dirt"... more like getting things TOGETHER where they belong. Have found LOTS of things to donate... significant amount of stuff from when "crafting" actually happened... lots of LARGE fabric samples that I was gonna do SOMETHING with just never did.

My computer/sewing room yielded some interesting fiinds!?! I have shelves on one wall with books and "office" stuff. Surprised how LONG it took just to get everything in it's correct piles... pocket folder, manila folders, pad paper just willy-nilly before... all together now. Dug up about a half box of what is actually labeled "typewriter" paper... that super thin, kinda crinkly stuff. Found several unopened packs of "good" paper... like for resumes or special printed stuff... with tractor-feed holes down the sides... now THAT'S been around for a while, huh. Gonna GIFT to teachers when school starts... scrap paper at least. Found SEVERAL 3 ring binders all over the house?? They're set to go to school to be put out with a sign for students... Need a Binder? Take a Binder!

My inner Scarlett O'Hara is screaming out... As G is my witness... once this place is ship-shape... I'll NEVER go back there again!!
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I've been doing that to prepare for moving. Hopefully by the time I find a house it will be done.
Posts: 2318 | Location: Arkansas Zone 7 | Registered: Aug 18, 2005Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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