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Picture of trish212
I have been going on and on, giving oven liners as gifts to help family and friends when it comes to cleaning their ovens.

Somehow, they DO die. And when you see this happen: THROW THEM AWAY! I placed one in and thought it could survive one more baking. Unfortunately, the white "fabric" is now baked onto the bottom of the oven. I'm trying to figure out how to remove it off the self cleaning oven. Any ideas?
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Picture of conrad
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That is a good warning to share.
Not sure how you are going to get the residue off. Maybe check with the manufacturer/repair site?

Both my recent ranges say specifically NOT to use anything, silicone or other liner, in the bottom of the oven.

Back in the day, I used to line them with heavy aluminum foil. But that could also mess with the thermostat to give false temperatures.
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I have used aluminum foil under my pies on the rack but never on the bottom of a self cleaning oven.....Self Cleaning means no more bending, spraying, washing and drying an oven.

love life
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My manual states that putting anything on the bottom voids the warranty. This is a major problem.
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Picture of M-ma
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Be aware that some makes of some mft. have a covering over the bottom coil. Same composition as sides and top of oven under the broiler.
Talk about easy clean-up!
Two locals put in totally new kitchens with all new appliances. Neither did their homework. I did. I have the stove with the easy clean oven bottom!
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Picture of trish212
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The oven was here when we moved in. It has a crack across the glass top anyway. Hub has said he wants a gas stovetop with convection oven. You might say...this OOOOOps is a blessing in my book. I'm not familiar with the convection side of I keep reading up on them. I was most interested in the warming drawer that Jack presented in the DH in Utah. Ever since then, I look for this feature.

M-ma, I've been doing homework for quite some time! If the companies would slow down and perfect that which they already have, we'd be set. Smile I find the reviews from one company varying to reviews from other companies. This, too, is part of my homework. My favorite is to ask customers who walk through stores. I learn a great deal from them. The older the patrons, the more opinions they are willing to share. There's a lot to say about gray hairs. Smile (Maybe I should stop trying to hide mine?) lol
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Picture of Florida Farm Girl
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Trish, my dream stove would be a dual fuel also. Gas cook top with an electric oven. Oh, well. I can dream. Unfortunately, most houses are set up for one or the other and its not always easy to add the other fuel to the location. Bummer.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.
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