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paper shredder?? Sign In/Join 
Have about a month before school starts up again and have a few PROJECTS that I am determine to finish!!

Garage is BEYOND needing neatening... needs a total PURGE. A lot of boxes of Christmas decorations that haven't seen the light of day in FOREVER?? Will look thru and establish KEEP/trash/donate.

Have been at my computer/sewing room for past few DAYS. Totally filled my BIG rolling recycle paper bin with a lot of stuff I had NO idea WHY I even put on a shelf. Have BAGS of old bills... will be checking soon for next county BULK shredding date.

Did a LOT of shredding over last few days and THAT'S the real reason for this post. Toward end of that ordeal, shredder had all sorts of stuff clumping on under-side of the cutter blades?? Figured it might be dull, so went googling. Found tips... run aluminum foil thru (supposed to also work for scissors for sharpening) and wax paper (also with liberal squirt of WD-40). Both these seemed to make a big improvement, so I went a little "rogue"?? Decided to give a nice spray of WD-40 across the paper slot. That little red tube CAME OFF and can't be retrieved!?! At least not yet. Gonna try a bit more poking, prodding, and shaking before I just bite the bu ll et and turn the thing on?!? Shredder cays up to 5 sheets of paper at a time & will (grudgingly) chew up old credit cards... hoping it doesn't grind to a halt over this tube thingie??
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Good for you for all the cleaning. Sometimes when I put something in a file, I pull it out to go through and discard old stuff. I mean, who really needs auto insurance policies for ten years when only the current one is any good?

Most shredders - even the small ones - can handle paper staples, so I doubt that the small WD40 tube will hurt anything.

At work, I buy shredder oil that is recommended for the Fellowes shredder here. It's a clear lubricant. The instructions with the shredder said to run a line of oil over the top of the cutter blades (where the paper starts in) each time you change bags. An office across the hall has an older shredder. She and I were talking about it and she said she'd never oiled hers. So whenever I change bags in my shredder and oil it, I go across the hall and give her shredder a squirt.
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My paper shredder is great. It's a Staple's brand shredder. This is the 2nd one I think we've had. This one is better (knock wood) and I have never oiled it (never even knew to do that). I am more careful with this one and don't 'overdo' it. I love my shredder and wouldn't be without one!!! (I'm a privacy freak)
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posted Hide Post other thing. The shredder I had that matched the one across the hall, one of my subs burned it up. My new shredder has a light for when it gets hot. If yours doesn't, shred awhile then give it a break to cool down.
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Just had to replace a shredder. The new one says to run a line of oil across a piece of paper and then shred it to oil the blades.
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I'd go ahead and run the shredder- the little red tube is plastic- essentially a coffee stir/straw thingy. If your machine can do credit cards it won't have a problem with that straw.
I often UNPLUG my machine and pick the clumped paper out of the backside by hand.. sometimes i use the narrow stiff wire thingys that come with turkey trussing kits to pick it out. Sometimes you can push it from forward to reverse to help move bits thru or to at least within reach. If you dump the shredded paper bin out before the shredded paper reaches the top you will have less problems with it. I've sprayed mine with wd but something like a sewing machine oil is better as a lubricant.. wd40 is more a cleaner.
If it breaks and you can't fix it then check with your bank- they often let customers bring in their papers to be shredded on site once or twice a month at no charge.

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We use a shredder regularly. We also have oil that came with it. DH is notorious for not shaking the bin and getting the build up of paper out of the way. Then I have to unplug the thing and clear it out by hand. Ours has a warning light for when it gets hot.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.
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I have been on a shredding rampage for a few months. I am cleaning out Dad's house and he saved lots of sensitive papers. As he was in the funeral and ambulance business he had lots of ss numbers. When he retired he kept 7 years of records tucked away. This includes the capital outlay for his business, nails, paint, nuts and bolts to repair the whats-it......"Resting comfortably" he would say.
The shredder I have also collects bits and pieces under the teeth but it seems to be working fine. I do a squirt of oil on a paper to keep things running along.

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Remington cross-cut. Have had it for years. No oil. Never thought to oil it.
It quits if it gets hot.
Strip shredder died a few years back (for glossy paper).
In cross-cut, I use a ruler and compact the pieces in the bin.
The bin is dumped into our compost pile.
In winter it is collected in a garbage bag and later spread over the shredded leaves that we have in a large outdoor fenced bin.

If possible, find someone who wants your shreddings (soft paper only) for compost. It's good brown material.
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I am extremely satisfied with my new Royal cross-cut shredder from Costco. It doesn't require oiling. My old single-cut Royal shredder lasted over 30 years!
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