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  strange stain in sink
strange stain in sink Sign In/Join 
Picture of lady of shallot
Our double stainless steel sinks were in the house when we bought it 42 years ago.

For the first time we have found a stain in the deep sink we mostly use (have a drainer in the other most of the time)

Neither of us knows how this got here so have no idea how to remove it. It is roughly the size of the palm of my hand and looks kind of like a dog on its head! It is sort of a lavender color

The only thing I can think is that I bought some items at a yard sale Sat. and one was a lead crystal decanter that may have had a little liquid in it and I would have emptied that before putting in d.w. It had been raining in the morning and I just thought this was rainwater that had gotten in before we went to sale.

Right now I have a weak solution of bleach and Palmolive in sink. Guess we could live with it but I would rather not. Ed says whatever may have "etched" in but it is smooth in wiping across with fingers.

Any advice?
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Picture of CatieCupCake
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Have you tried using either a stainless steel or SOS pad on it?


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Picture of conrad
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If your sink is polished, do not use SOS pads. They are a coarse grade of steel wool and can often scratch. Bar keepers friend is another great product.
Probably the SS cleaner is the safe way to go. Vinegar can also help to remove SS stains, especially if they have attached to any hard water deposits. If you saturate a paper towel and leave it in contact with the surface, it might help?
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It is likely you have a brushed finish sink as that is what the majority are. I have used the SOS pads on mine often with success and without harm. They are quick and easy (usually).
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Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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I use Bon Ami and a scrubbie. I would suggest that first and then a SOS pad...just because I do not like what steel wool does to my fingers and I don't use gloves in the kitchen...
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Picture of nettiejay
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The first thing I would try is a powdered stainless steel cleaner (Cameo is my favorite) or Bar Keeper's Friend. These have chemicals that react with and brighten the metal. I like Bon Ami for everyday cleaning, but it isn't likely to remove a really tough stain, and it won't brighten like the first two.
None of these three products will scratch the metal.
Posts: 4577 | Location: zone 6b, Missouri | Registered: Sep 19, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of lady of shallot
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I did get the stain out. I used a paste cleaner I had in a cabinet in the bathroom.

It is called Power paste or something like that. Worked immediately but this was a week or so after stain first appeared!
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yes it worked immediately. its better after used, clean it.
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