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cloudy glasses?? Sign In/Join 
Have 6 heavy glasses... definitely "vintage" 50's stuff, came from my Dad's house. Musta been VERY popular back then... 2 Aunts BOTH have some. They aren't crystal or anything like that... kinda crystal-lite?? They pretty much lived in Dad's china cabinet and didn't get used very often.

They were cloudy lookiing when I got them and disherwasher (with rinse additive) didn't do anything to help? Tried hand-washing with (gentle) scrubby). They're not "etched".

Today, did one of my "ki ll it, or cure it" things. Filled them with hot, soapy water and then added a squirt of the rinse stuff right into glass and let them soak a bit. Mild scrubbing and insides came out sparkling! After they dried, some cloudiness on outside, so they're soaking in a big container of hot water, soap and more rinse stuff.
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Glad you are having success. Found this portion of an article addressing your dilemma chairlady.

Sick glass, or cloudy glass as it is often called, can sometimes be remedied. Cloudy glass is an industry word describing glass that has calcium deposits which causes a light “foggy” type appearance in glassware. The water that held the flowers in the vase or the repetitive washing of the tumbler is the culprit. They need not stay in this condition. There are several ways to bring that vase back to its original lustre.

Over the years collectors have reported a number of glass cleaning methods using household products that they have found cleaned the lightest, to the heaviest hard water stains. Below are just a few.

1. Fill the object with a mix of ammonia and water. A few hours should do the trick if the stain is not too thick.

2. Vaseline or petroleum jelly can sometimes remove light calcium build-up. Let it sit for 4-5 days before removing.

3. Fill with luke warm water and drop in a denture cleaner tablet.

4. Pearl Drops Toothpaste has been recommended for light calcium stains. Dab a little on your index finger and lightly rub. Wash with water.

5. Dow Tub and Tile cleaner. Spray on, let sit, then rinse.

6. There is a product in the supermarkets called Krazy Kloth. It is highly recommended for the toughest hard water stain. Follow the directions on the packaging, and wash with luke warm water.

7. Lime Away. The same product you use on your tub and shower doors. Always remember for products that require rubbing to do it lightly and in small circles.

Remember, never wash glassware with cold or hot water. Extreme temperature changes can cause glass to crack or shatter. Also, glassware should not be placed in the dishwasher. Again, hard water stains will eventually appear, and there also is the possibility the vibration of the dishwasher can cause a piece to shatter. The best way to clean your glass is to wash by hand, always with luke warm water and mild dishwashing soap (liquid), and towel dry.

Often, great pieces of glass are passed upon at shows and shops because of their cloudy appearance. If the price of the piece is being offered to you is reasonable, don’t pass it by!
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You forgot the easiest way - vinegar. Put the glasses in a tuppeware container or bucket with a lid, fill each glass with the cheapest white vinegar you can find, put the lid on, at let it sit for a few days.

The only dishes I was by hand are the ones too large to fit in the dishwasher. I use cheap glasses. Loosing one is no great loss.
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Yep - vinegar. My regular drinking glasses have a depression on the bottom with a star design in it. After drying in the dishwasher, the bit of water remaining dries away leaving a mineral deposit. After a bit, I drizzle in a bit of vinegar on each upside-down glass - doesn't take long. Then just brush real good, rinse and dry.
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One of the many many house cleaning house cleaning uses of vinegar is to clean out cloudy deposits of dishes. Just throw in some vinegar into the washing machine cleaning area and that should help cut down, if not completely get rid of, that cloudiness.
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More advertising! Reported!

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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I use some oxy clean and lemon juice to clean the dish washer and that really helps clean out the spray bars .Smells great too .You can use it in toilet tanks and down drains and really helps freshen everything if you are selling your home too .
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Magic Eraser got rid of the cloudiness on some of my glasses after soaking them in vinegar water for over 24 hours didn't do it a thing! Good luck! Cool

PS. ga.karen - I assume you were joking!
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IR - that post from just before ga.karen's was an ad!! You should always be suspicious if an old thread is brought to the top
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Thanks for letting me know - I have zero tolerance for advertisements on these boards! Just defeats the purpose of our exchanging messages altogether. If finding commercial web-sites is what people want, just type the relevant topic into a search engine - otherwise, stay out of our chat/message boards. JMHO.
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That's why I always prefer proper prescribed Emporio Armani glasses in this kind of purposes.
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