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  How To Wash A Down Jacket
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Picture of Wavy
What would be the best way to wash my down winter coat? I have a nice down winter jacket that I got this year that needs washing. I would put it in the washing machine, but I have a center agitator thingy so I don't think I should wash in my machine.
Should I:
Wash it by hand in the bathtub OR
Wash at a public laundromat?
I would prefer to wash it myself if possible. Anyone wash their down coats by hand? Was it a hard job? Thanks!!!

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Picture of conrad
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I've washed many down items. Always pretreat any soiled areas, like collar/cuffs or any other soil, prior to washing. Inspect any areas for any slight holes or tears, and repair these well, prior to washing. Any doubt about seams, place in and tie off in a large pillow case if necessary?

Zip up all zippers/velcro closures. We have had front loaders for years, but I used to do them in the top loader too, but on gentle/delicate cycle. Be around for the spin, as it is likely to go off balance due to weight distribution.

I used the dryer with some tennis or dryer balls, low/delicate heat. I would take it out prior to full dry, and allow it to hang or drape fairly dry, then a fluff job in the dryer again for final drying, if needed.
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Picture of still tryin
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I washed my down jackets in my top loader. Just like Conrad I used the gentle cycle. I did further research and they said you should stop the machine mid-cycle and give the jacket a few squeezes to get it back into the water because they tend to float.

The label on my jacket say to use two tennis balls in the dryer. I think Conrad is spot on with the drying instructions. I would also wash them when you have the heat on in the house or on low humidity day when no other moisture is being created in the house or the down won't completely dry. You definitely don't want to store down jackets that aren't completely dry.

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Picture of conrad
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still tryin, I forgot about the floating issue with the top load washer!
You are absolutely right, I used to open the lid several times and push the jacket down after squeezing some of the air out! And I often turned the jacket inside out for part of the air drying. Mild detergent too, forgot to mention, and NO fabric softener!Wink
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Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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I do the same as mentioned above. In addition, a few times during the drying cycle, I take my jacket out and fluff the feathers within each section...redistribute them.
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I've washed down jackets quite a few times. Regular cycle, pretreating first. Dryer with a tennis shoe (or whatever the current name for that she is).

Had trouble only once where the stitching between the down channels was bad and I didn't see it. Spent quote a bit of time getting the down rearranged. But it can be down.

Oh, washer was regular top agitator. May want to use towel or two to balance load.
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Picture of ga.karen
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I've washed them in the past much like the others have said but I have always line dried mine on a sunny, breezy day. It seems to fluff the down better for some reason and I also went to the clothes line & moved any bunched down around so that it all dried completely.

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