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  Cricut, Sizzix, Silhouette....
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Picture of Janeysaurus Rex
I am now determined to purchase a die cutting machine. However I don't know which one. SO as not to start an argument if you own one or more of the three, please post a few pros and cons you have about your machine.
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Picture of rainee
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You won't start an argument but everyone has their favorite. The biggest decision is looking at what you want to use the machine for and whether you want an electronic or manual machine. If you want computer capability then you want an electronic machine. And if you are just getting started you get a lot of images on electronic cartridges plus the ability to get images off your PC unlike the manual machines. Storage can also be an issue. You need a lot more for the manual machines and their dies/embossing folders.

I owned the original Sizzix when it was the only die-cut machine available and collected a lot of cartridges so I stayed with the manual machines. I also did not want to have to be replacing mats, blades, etc. My manual machines are easy and very low maintenance. lol
I own the original Sizzix, BigShot, and the Sizzix Sidekick. I like them all for different reasons. Below are some lists/links that tell what each of the machines can do.

SIZZIX (original machine)

Suggested Materials and Number of Sheets it can cut at one time:

Cardstock, Paper, Vellum 1-3 sheets
Funky Fur
Poly Foam
Pop-Up Sponge
Self-Adhesive Rubber 1 sheet
Shrink Plastic
Static Cling Vinyl
Thin Cork
Thin Leather
Thin Metal

The above is just a partial list. I like the fact that the original SIZZIX can cut heavier materials than the electronic machines. I am a decorative painter, woodworker, and paper crafter and because of the wide variety of materials it cuts I can use my SIZZIX in all of those mediums for multi-media projects.




I hope you found this helpful. Good luck in deciding. Regardless of which machine you get you'll have a lot of fun with it.

* usually has good deals on any of the above machines and they usually offer FREE shipping.

"Welcome to reality would you like some popcorn?"

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Picture of EvelynB
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Exactly the question I needed. Looked up Big Shot Pro and It's $310 at Overstock and $250 at Staples. Looks like the prices vary a lot.
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You might want to look at the Fiskars Fuse. The starter set is only 112 at Joann's. It will use the Sizzix dies as well as the Fiskars, Spellbinders and other brands. It is big enough for the Pro dies too. My sister bought it last year and loves it's versatility. You will need to buy some plates that do not come in the starter set to use the Pro dies but I think it is still cheaper in the long run.

If you want the pro dies, check out the sales at That is where we got our pro dies
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Try can usually find them cheaper on there or if you don't mind taking the risk, I'm sure someone on Craigslist is selling a used one.
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The only problem with the manuals is that you are stuck with the actual size of the dye. For the price of the big shot you can buy and electronic machine and have infinite possibilities. Of course if you want simple operation, go with the sizzix. Everyone has preferences, it depends on what you want it to do. Smile
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Picture of Happy Erme
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Just last week I bought an AccuCut. I like it but it is heavy. The die cut patterns are outrageous, price wise. My DiL bought the new Brother Cut and Scan. When comparing them I mentioned I got mine at 40% off. The first time I have ever seen them on a good sale. Then she said by the time you get all the dies you want, it will probably cost as much as mine. She might be right.
On Quilting Arts the one with Pokey Belton, they were using a Sizzix, it looked small and easy to use. I wish I had had a chance to try them all out before I bought.
Good Luck on your selection. They are all great as far as accuracy goes.


Smile Craft Happens! Smile
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