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  Zero-Turn Mowers: Is One Right for You?
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Pros and Cons of Zero-Turn Mowers: Is One Right for You?

Mowing can be a fun and relatively easy experience when you’re using the right tool. Riding mowers have made life easier for anyone with a larger yard, and the latest addition to the line of riding mowers, the zero-turn-riding mower, has brought new options and solutions to lawn-care.

Zero-turn mowers are designed specifically for cutting grass. Compared to other types of riding mowers, that is their one and only purpose, and therefore they are especially good at it. They share the same riding concept of machines such as lawn tractors and rear-engine riding mowers, but they are designed to cut very close to the grass and to eliminate the need for trimming. As such, they have been referred to as the fastest mowing machines for getting the entire job done. Mechanically, they have two drive wheels that spin independently, and when one wheel spins faster than the other, or in the opposite direction, turns are initiated. The tightest turns spin the machine in place, bypassing the need for a reverse gear–this brings about the term of “zero-turn” mower. Different grades are available, such as entry-level, mid-grade, semi-pro, and commercial. The difference in these models is evident in the differences in the power of engines, type of decks, spindles, and price.

The first and most significant advantage of zero-turn-riding mowers is that they are very fast. They cut grass at an average of 6-10 miles per hour depending on the model. This is a high speed compared to other types of mowers, and therefore you will be able to mow your lawn faster than usual. Experts and manufacturers have stated that these machines cut grass in half the time of other mowers. For those who do not enjoy the time spendt mowing the lawn, these mowers are ideal. Zero-turn mowers come with a revolutionary steering system that allows you to make 360-degree turns easily and quickly. These mowers allow users to cut closely around bushes, thereby eliminating the need for additional trimming after mowing. The steering system is hydraulic and therefore allows the driver to steer the mower with much precision and to adjust the speed carefully.

The lack of large gripping tires makes it hard for zero-turn-riding mowers to handle slopes and hills. This means that they are more suitable for flat land. For zero-turns to be able to mow a slope, the driver is required to mow the grass diagonally. These units only function well on grass because their wheels can’t hold on to sand or mud. Zero-turn mowers are not good for pulling objects, as they are not meant for pulling anything that weighs over 200 lbs.

Zero-turn-riding mowers are perfect for anyone who has a large piece of land to mow; it will definitely save time when mowing. With a commercial zero-turn mower, 3-4 acres of land can be mowed in one hour; the time increases when it comes to other models, but in general these mowers are good time savers. Zero-turn radius riders are good for people who are physically unable to do extra trimming, since the mower does this for them very well. OVerall, these mowers are high performers because they work fast and cut grass with so much precision.

To see the best zero-turn riding mowers available online, click here.

A Word About Safety

According to this article on survival tips from Popular Mechanics, “Accidents are the leading cause of death among U.S. men 18 to 50 years old.” Tip #5 has to do with riding mowers and the importance of maintaining safety when the ground is not level. When the ground is not level, serious accidents can occur if a riding mower were to tip over and land on the driver. According to the article, 95 Americans die each year from riding mower accidents.

Here’s the tip on how to maintain safety: “Mow up and down a slope, not sideways along it. How steep is too steep? ‘If you can’t back up a slope, do not mow on it,’ Carl Purvis of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety

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