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  Curb Appeal or Curb Appeal the Block
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The only difference that I see is that Chip is not with them on Curb Appeal. Does anyone know if they are going to do two different shows or what is going on? Thanks.
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According to my dvr, Julius, they're showing episodes from two seasons, concurrently - S04 of CATB plus S25 of CA.

They did score a few new graphics on CA but have no idea why they apparently changed the name back to CA, no block. The two episodes aired so far included neighbor makeovers, i.e. the "block" portion of the program. Anyone notice any reason to revert to the previous name?

Given the new graphics and Chip's departure, I'm assuming CA was filmed later. Does anyone know why Chip left? Did he need to return to Atlanta?
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I haven't seen the new Curb Appeal. Does it involve the neighbors like the block did?

And I looked around. Looks like Chip has a show that premieres next week on HGTV called "Elbow Room". I found it on Facebook.
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Thanks for posting the info about Chip's new show, bigthumb. That will be fun to check out.

BTW, CA, in the latest version filmed by John, hasn't differed from CATB. So far, approximately 2 episodes in, they're continuing with the neighbor makeovers.

Thanks, again.
Posts: 591 | Registered: Feb 24, 2011Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Does anyone notice that the film quality does not seem to be as good? Something seems off when I watch the new episodes.
Posts: 342 | Location: Nebraska | Registered: Dec 17, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of CornJeannie
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Love all the cast, but Kimberly Lacy continues to impress. I love her! She is genuine and kind and fun. She's the real deal!
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I love this show. The Victorian home makeover was great. Although John's designs are sometimes a little over the top for my tastes (and sometimes there are too many flowers, etc.) in general I think he is amazing in his vision and design skills. Kudos to all the team too.

I also like seeing him experiment with so many different colors before deciding which to choose. That makes me feel less intimidated. I often think certain colors, etc., will look good, until it is too late--then I can see they are all wrong, or not quite right, and I chalked it up to my just not having good enough vision. So now I see that the results can be improved by experimenting in the beginning.
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Chip has his own show,"Elbow Room," very early Saturday morning. His show is based in Atlanta; Chip is the "inspector gadget" of home remodeling as he dreams of creative and appealing ways to give homeowners more space in their overcrowded homes. Great show!
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