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  Hillary is the one that makes the show
Hillary is the one that makes the show Sign In/Join 
IMHO It is Hillary that is the miracle worker on this show. The "clients" are cheap impatient hardasses for the most part. The budgets they give her to work with are ridiculous at best. Expecting her to work with almost no money and ignoring the facts of structure issues and code and law issues that come up out of her control. Yet she delivers a safer home in all instances. I have not seen 100% of the shows I am sure. But have not seen one that did not deal with the idiots that owned the home not letting some structure issue that they had to have known of go. And not one has even tried to understand when she informs them of problems with code issues or ordinances beyond her control. I guess she is supposed to ignore codes and city ordinance. Or maybe she is supposed to have them changed for their house. Maybe they feel all these people and the suppliers are supposed to give them their time and products for free. Not sure but would be willing to bet they don't volunteer their time at work. The ones that have owned their homes the longest are the worst. Someone needs to inform them that this is 2014 not 1985 and the prices of things have gone up.

David is all to often portrayed as some sort of hero. I am not sure the exact figures but would be willing to wager he has stayed on budget less than 10% of the time and even less delivered in the area that was on his list to begin with. But they seem to forget the list they gave him in the end. Don't get me wrong he is a great salesman and is very typical of real estate salesmen. Easy to convince the common person that 50 or 60 thousand translates into only a few dollars a month over the life of the mortgage and you can afford a few extra dollars a month, right? Esp. for the house of your dreams. I have only seen a couple of episodes where they gave Hillary even and extra thousand much less 50. Maybe she should be allowed to get away with just spending what it takes and then just presenting them with the bill afterward.
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It is just a silly show. All the conflict and portrayals are forced in order to create drama. NONE OF IT IS REAL.
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Picture of rker321
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Aaron, you are quite accurate in your description of the show, The only thing that is not really understandable to me, is your credibility as to how accurate any of what you see happens to be.
You seem to forget, that by the time that they film the whole show, the owners know exactly what they are getting, and there are no surprises in that area.
I have written to HGTV and asked them if they are paying Hillary enough to appear stupid on National TV. to date no answer.
Lately I have seen a change, and that is Hillary from the beginning telling the homeowners that with the budget that they have, they won't be able to get everything that they want.
It is known that on any renovation specially in older homes, there has to be at least a 10-15% of unexpected expenses that they are going to encounter To me, the thing that I really don't understand is, if you are going to put that amount of money on a renovations why would you do that, when you can put that money into the new home that you buy.
Therefore, there is a lot of unexplained actions by everyone in that show, and what they seem to say, especially the homeowners is really bad, and for people that have over a half a million dollar homes, they seem to me quite clueless and unintelligent, which I don't happen to believe is true.
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I understand the shows are done in Canada and it looks like the Toronto area. But, why do the homeowners insist on staying in their neighborhoods. I don't know many people here in the US that are so rigid about where they will live. With the exception of friends in Manhattan, I don't know of anyone who insists that they must stay within blocks of their old residence. The newer homes in the suburbs seem nice and have great yards, etc. Doesn't anyone want to live in the Toronto suburbs?
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That is the problem, Canada is very much like Europe, people live in the cities, and not in the suburbs, You can see that type of life in New York. here in the States is different.
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