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  watching HGTV less and less...
watching HGTV less and less... Sign In/Join 
I recently realized that over the past six months, I have watched HGTV less and less.

It used to be one of the first stations I tuned to when turning on the TV.

But 9 out of 10 times I tuned in and found another episode of House Hunters or Property Virgins.... and I'm just not interested in those shows.

I didn't even watch the Dream House special. I forgot it was even on until I got a promotional email.

I'm not even sure what (besides HH) HGTV has to offer anymore.


tell me what I'm missing, and convince me it's worth tuning into HGTV again.
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I guess that too many of us are so disappointed with the path that HGTV has taken I have seen in here that they have posted articles that claim that HGTV has gained audience and that that audience is between 24-49 or something like that Of course, that may be true, but still, how many individuals of that age want to see House Hunters, Property Brothers, Love it or List it or Property Virgins over and over again I cannot believe that that demographic doesn't have more discerning tastes and that they don't like variety
Is of no use, to try to tell HGTV anything, I sincerely believe that eventually they will loose so many viewers that it will affect them more that they think it will,
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so true when you've already seen it all.
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Agree. TQ, it seems every time I look it is Love it or list it or property brothers. I don't watch them but then I am not their target age though I will probably spend more on decorating the they do. The people I know that are in the target age group don't watch much either. They prefer decorating.... Or movies.

Unless they start losing money HGTV is unlikely to change.
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I have come to the HGTV website just to find out if I was the only one who felt this way. HGTV has become a "why bother" network! I just figured the House Hunter shows were cheaper to produce. I miss home decorating shows so much!! The Love it or List it shows, with all the fake drama, makes me want to scream, so of course I don't watch it. If I hear the narrators on the House Hunter shows my skin crawls, so I turn the channel. Just thought I would say so in case anybody cares!!
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