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  Genevieves Renovation what a great show in a crappy time slot
Genevieves Renovation what a great show in a crappy time slot Sign In/Join 
Gens renovation is unique in that she is telling us what these changes and renovation expenses are. I cant recall this type of honesty and at times heartbreak on any other HGTV series. There is true pain in her voice and face when she has to cut something out of her budget, I've been there too . HGTV really screwed up putting it on so late. I record the show and watch it Saturday morning. I am searching for those cement tiles she put in the guest room now, but took time to post this.
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Picture of rker321
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I just wrote to HGTV asking as to why they didn't have any other type of programming but the Real Estate and the Renovation programs, probably they will never answer. but it would be nice to know.
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Yeah, it's so sad that Gen (supposedly) couldn't purchase the faux grass for her large deck. Gee, many people don't have outdoor space in NYC.

Well, she probably only spent $2 million or so to purchase her neighbors' apartment and at least double her space.

Our hearts ache for her -

Also sad that she filmed her renovation, picking up coin from HGTV in the process. That will definitely cover the deck, literally and figuratively. If we checked in on her today, I'm sure her two-story Manhattan pad is totally complete, including faux grass.

With the extra HGTV **$, maybe she can get some private coaching to improve her acting skills for one of the many times she whines the line, "It's just me and my kid."

How many newly divorced women can double their space in an expensive city? So sad, so very sad -
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Picture of annie17
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I agree AquaBella! She is well paid for her serious lack of talent.

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I agree - the poor thing had to get along with only 1200 square feet for her and her daughter so she buys the apartment next door. Can't believe she had a 5 floor walk up. She never does anything in a style that is not Moroccan for her and every client she has. Can't imagine how much any of that tile costs. Her whining grates on me.
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Picture of Teva
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Yeah it was the old Genenvieve of Trading Space time ten years ago. But I really liked it. was only on once in our area.
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