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Just curious as to what the purpose of the show, "Flip or Flop," is supposed to be? I've watched several episodes and I've not seen one house even close to being a "flop," and from what I can tell the hosts make a tidy profit on each re-sale. It just seems to me that the show is about 2 successful real estate agents who buy homes for their business, fix em up cheap, then sell for a killing. I don't really see the risks, the dangers, nadda. The show doesn't even have any sort of teaching aspect, do's and don'ts, things to watch out for, etc. And it's a bit hard to cheer a young couple on when they are toolin about town in a customized 100k Cadillac SUV. Again, I'm sure HGTV saw something in the program or they never would have allowed it to air; I guess I'm just too ignorant to see that purpose. All I get from the show is, become a real estate agent to get access to the comps in the area, get access to new listings before us regular folks, fork over a few hundred thousand from personal savings and maybe a rich investor friend, buy the house, spend under a 100k to fix it up, then sell it later for 50k or more profit. Seriously, why would I want to waste 30 minutes of time watching 2 people being followed by cameras while they make themselves richer? I can find that in almost every other "reality" show out there. A definite miss by HGTV - usually shows are informative at the least.
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I agree with you. Never a flop, which is totally unrealistic. Also, it seems as if neither one of them has a clue about anything. They never get their hands dirty. Is this a more luck than brains scenario, or a total setup??
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There is always a chance, I guess, that these two could lose but I haven't seen that happen. I must say to the producers of the show you must hire the wife to do another show, any show. I would watch her read the phone book.
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Very unrealistic for the average American. Very California,very high end. Someone has a big trust fund or a momma with a bottomless bank account. Who can afford the home to flip in the first place, and who can afford to buy it? HGTV, please come down to earth here.
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