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New shows in the middle of Saturday afternoon. Nothing has changed tho - everything Moroccan. Can't she ever do a room without it?? Give me Sarah or Candice any day.

She has the kitchen cabinets from one episode and the black bookcases in another PAINTED WITH A BRUSH AND ROLLER. That won't last. Can you say take them to a pro and have them sprayed? The re-do of the fireplace was OK but the stucco just blended into the wall. Either the wall or the fireplace needed some color.

I could bring up a lot more that was more than odd in these episodes, but I want some of you chime in. There is no way she deserves a show.
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I'm not a Gen hater. She has designed some of my most favorite spaces. In my opinion she has designed some of the most beautiful kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms that are definitely pinned all over my boards.

That being said, I could not get past that disgusting green chosen for that kitchen. And it looked applied very cheaply. I know they only had a 10K budget for everything and money goes quickly, but why not buy a spray gun at a home improvement store for a DIY approach instead of using a roller/brush. I also thought that she would be very harsh on any Design Star contestant if they had chosen that ugly green color for kitchen cabinets. I did like everything else and think the home owner could easily fix this by sanding, priming and repainting the cabinets. I have nothing against color but I don't think that particular green was sophisticated or mature for the application it was used.

I just finished watching the 'I Love Lucy' episode. I don't want to be rude to the homeowner, although she certainly didn't mind being rude herself. I have to think that she was pouring it on a little thick for the cameras. Her comments were so random. She hates arches? What? That's just a stupid statement if I've ever heard one. Lucy must not have any education in Spanish or Moorish design, to name a couple. Lucy had no clue how to style shelves or proper height for hanging a chandelier above a table (and I really want to make a snide comment about her eyebrows) but she certainly had a mouth to insult everything. If she had any idea in how to put together her space she wouldn't have called Gen. In the end I thought the room was a vast improvement from the way it started and if she needed more book storage I could see a few easy fixes.

I actually like watching this show because Gen provides details into why she is making the choices and I end up learning from it. I loved the Spanish fireplace being left white and think painting it a separate color from the wall would have been a big mistake. It would have broken up the horizontal line of the wall and made the room even smaller.

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At least it is something different than the usual fare HGTV serves up. I never like everything she does in a show but I usually like something.

Oh, and cabinets have been successfully painted without sprayers for years.

Edited: jeez ipad changes some words to weird things.

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Happy to see some design related programming. That said, the two Dear Genevieve episodes I saw were painful to watch. She should not do kitchens. The kitchen for the single gal in Yonkers was so poorly planned and so unattractive it hardly merited a show never mind a redo. Moving the sink next to the stove left no counter space to put anything down while cooking, and the client did say she loved to bake. O.K. take hot cookie tray out of the oven and rest it where exactly? And words fail me with regards to the ugliest cabinet color and hardware combo I have evn seen. The knobs hanging like some Hippie Chick earrings in the middle of violent green shiny painted oak!!!

Well karma came back and bit her in the fanny when she did a beautiful black and pink office for the client from h#ll! As a designer I loved the illustration that some people are so unhappy and miserable no amount of redecorating is going to change their horrible personality.Unfortuneately this too was really uncomfortable to watch.

What gives? Candace Tells All is turned into a hokey Vaudeville act, and this is what we get with D.G.? I think HGTV is making bad design TV on purpose so they can say "See H.H. and HHI are our top rated shows, that's why they are always on."
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Yes Charles! What was with putting the hardware in the middle of the cabinet? I have a buffet from the 80s that I bought on Craigslist and it has the knob in the middle of the door. I know how difficult it is to open the doors because of the placement of the knob. And the hardware Gen chose just wasn't pretty at all.

And I totally agree about the Candice Tells All. Hokey is a perfect word! I can't even watch it anymore. I just fast forward to the end, which really bums me out because I always watched Divine Design all the way through. When will they understand that we don't want these made up/fake drama situations. It really just lessons the integrity of the show.
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Gen's work is so amateurish, it reminds me of some housewives calling themselves "interior designer" because their neighbors loved how they did they house. She is incompetent in space planning. Moroccan wedding blankets and Alladin style tchochkas must be present in every room. Her on air delivery style is painful to watch, with her laugh and hand gestures. She is not qualified to have a show and even more unqualified to judge any design competition.

I love Sarah's shows, her designs and her personality. She is a true professional! I used to enjoy Candace's shows, but not anymore. Her cutesy exchanges with her handymen about parking tickets and who knows what else is annoying. That's too bad.
HGTV, please let us see real design shows!
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