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  Buy and Sell (property bros. new show)
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Just so the most recent episode of this show and all I can say is that I felt so sorry for the brothers. If you saw the episode, you know what I mean.
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Actually, I happen to like this show a lot more than the other.
First of all, although still expensive in my book what they spend in the renovations to put the house in the best light for sale is not that bad. And last Sat, they actually found a stainless Steel refrigerator and a stove both for 1700 dollars, Are they actually going to places that most of us go shopping?
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I enjoy this show also. They do alot with a small amount of money to get the home ready.

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Saw an episode of Buying and Selling the other day and am so angry I will no longer watch these brothers in any show. I am also spreading the word to all that will listen. They call the home owners master bedroom "Granny". So now the word Granny is an insult in the English language? The room was boring and the hand made quilt the homeowners mother made for her was not the color scheme for a modern show trying to sell a house. Then they caught the woman knitting and told her she was acting "Granny" again. Do these writers think that knitting is only for old people? Most of my young hip friends knit. They do fantastic modern things. Maybe these boys live in a world of only "Made in China" decor, how boring. If so I hope neither one ever has a child that wants to hang art on the fridge. They were so rude to the homeowners! Then at the end of the show the woman gave her quilt to the brothers (I don't believe it!) and the guys played hot potato, daring the other to take the quilt home. That master had plain white walls and 80's style valance's with no curtains, the quilt was not the problem.
The show premise also calls for the homeowners to comment while undergoing renovations. What whining! Really, if someone came into my home and totally gutted my bathroom to redo inside a week, the last thing I would be complaining about is having to share a bath with two kids for one week. Seriously, do the writers really think that one week of sharing a bathroom is such a hardship or will cause family strife?
Very disappointed! The writing was terrible and if the two stars (whom I always rather liked) really feel that way, I do not ever need to watch their shows again.
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I am new to the forum, but I just love the Drew and Jonathan ..... they are so entertaining and always have wonderful info to glean from....I love Jonathans decorating abilities and his Great creative views on maximizing space and tooo many things to itemize and then Drew gives such Helpful tips on how the buying market is as of I give both shows ...THE PROPERTY BROTHERS AND BUYING AND SELLING A # 10 TOP rating....Brenda
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