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  Is designer Hilary on love it or list it incompetent
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Is designer Hilary on love it or list it incompetent Sign In/Join 
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I like her design styles but do not think she checks out what things will cost to do the project. I guess it is really part of the show to try to make it more interesting.
I do like the show, I find myself watching episode after episode. Wish there were a lot of newer episodes.
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I think the format of the show would leave you to believe that she is incompetent, but I don't believe that is either true or kind. First of all, the homeowner's budgets are always ridiculously small for the scope of the work she has to do to satisfy their "wish lists." Secondly, most of these homes are old or in terrible shape and there are structural problems in every episode. Should she know? Yes-- I guess she wouldn't look incompetent if she would just say up front that those budgets are ridiculous, that her "promises" are contingent on what she finds when she opens the walls, that city permits and zoning prohibit some of her ideas, and give the homeowner a more reasonable expectation of what she's gonna do. Anyone who has done a remodel knows you have to allow for at least a 25% over-run for unexpected surprises and structural issues. So, from a design perspective I think she rocks-- but from a management of the project standpoint not so much. But it would not be a reality show if there wasn't some crisis or disappointment.
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So tickled that Mrs. Clinton also finds LIOLI relaxing! It is also my favorite reliable unwinder. I too used to be annoyed that all the construction defects that should come up - before changes are started - in an inspection by a competent engineer (or my brother who is a Chartered Surveyor in the UK) were a huge surprise but reality bites and says, without the drama there would be no show. It is a formula, and we know what to expect and that's what e=we enjoy and come back to, or loathe and switch channels. As for the repulsiveness (or charm!) of some of the homeowners, I believe with Pope that "the proper study of mankind is man" - endlessly fascinating to observe human folly or grace. The show isn't "fake", it's a very carefully constructed piece of entertainment. My one abiding beef is that the city or province is never named, is this a big secret? Why not say "Toronto" or "Edmonton" or "Montréal" instead of "the city"? Perhaps because it was feared this would be off-putting to US viewers ... if so, that's insulting our intelligence, as if the way David and many of the participants talk isn't a dead giveaway :-) And I do so hope that there can be a US version of equal format and interest, but this time, please, NAMING THE AREA INVOLVED so I, for one, can understand why a house that is five times the size and spiffiness of my modest ranch sells for less than my home's current value. Location, location ...
Posts: 1 | Location: Chatham, New Jersey | Registered: Feb 06, 2013Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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If the show was on once a week with repeats at different times for audience members without DVRs, it would be tolerable, but the personalities are awful and the show is on way too much. I can't watch it anymore.
Posts: 3 | Registered: Feb 20, 2013Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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IIRC, the new episodes currently air at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Monday nights. Everything else shown during the week is a rerun.
Posts: 487 | Registered: Dec 15, 2011Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of CC-IMO
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yeah a LOT of reruns
time to put the breaks on this show

Posts: 655 | Location: USA | Registered: Jul 12, 2010Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I agree. Hilary easily could solve all her own problems by simply getting an inspection done on the house BEFORE promising the homeowners anything. Then she can simply tell them from the beginning what is possible and what isn't. She shoots herself in the foot by not doing so.

Every episode is basically the same. The owners want A, B, and C done to stay in the house - in order of importance. Hilary promises everything. Something (often obvious) comes up and she goes back to the homeowners to say she can't get A or B done and wonders why they freak out. By the end of the episode she'll usually get C done, about half the time she'll somewhat finish B, and the homeowners are extremely lucky if she even remembers what A was at all.
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First of all when doing a reno, one never knows what issues can arise. Some of these people do not take into account that some of their budget is not set aside for issues -maybe they do and it messed up all of that contingency. I do not blame Hillary for anything because for one, she cannot see through walls to see what lies behind them, she cannot detect mold either. I am sure that none of you can until you tear down walls and notice these little things. Take the episode where the house was disguised by the contractors to have updated electrical and the reality was they had the out-dated knob and tube. Not Hillary's fault. That was over looked by the inspectors as well -and you can't blame them either. One had to gut the house to see that.
Posts: 67 | Location: Indiana | Registered: Nov 11, 2008Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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The show is just for a little competition....lighten up. Many people going into renovation or purchasing have no idea of the expenses. At the end of the day the outcome is good.
PS of course there is some drama-it's TV Smile
Posts: 1 | Registered: Jun 25, 2014Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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