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Love Love Love this show. The hosts are smart, funny, and support each other in a very caring, sincere way. It is a breath a fresh air from some of the other "flipping" shows on HGTV. (I'm a bit tired of the manufactured drama that some of the other shows come up with {Love it or List It; Flipping Boston}.)This show deals with real problems in a flip, real emotions, and even some blunders (don't smash your wife between vehicles). The flips are beautiful and I love that it's not in CA or NY where the costs are outrageous. Thanks HGTV and the Gaines' for a great show! Oh, and Chip has great hair. Smile
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I couldn't agree more! I absolutely love this show. This is the ONLY hour long show that I will actually watch. I always DVR my shows and fast forward through a lot but this show I will actually watch the entire thing, and even my husband will watch it, which is a miracle. I love everything they do and isn't it amazing that you can have an entire hour long show without gimmicks, or fake made up situations? HGTV should take notice! I love how they reuse much of the old bones of the homes, as much as they can. Now I'd love to see them put together a book of their work. I even wrote them about it. I really would love to have my hands on a compilation of their work because I'm kinda obsessed about it.
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Picture of Teva
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Good news, they've been reupped for 2015. They start filming in August.
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I am not a fan of this show. All their decor is the same country or shabby-chic stuff. Yes I understand it's a "fixer upper" theme but surely if they are qualified professionals they could bust out of that style occasionally. And yes I further understand that they're in Texas, but does everyone in Texas who needs a low-cost alternative want that style? I am already tired of this show, but I will continue to watch the shows that cover a wide range of styles.

Also I am watching HGTV for Home and Garden advice, not for romance. The way this guy fawns over his wife is annoying, and she comes off as aloof half the time. Also, you can't complain about drama in one breath and then praise this show's "real emotions" in the next. It's true that some other shows have more "drama" but that is today's programming, it's called reality TV.

I do hope HGTV staff review these boards and take all views into consideration while deciding on their programming choices.
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Breggie - Actually, what I complained about was "manufactured drama".
Posts: 2 | Location: United States | Registered: Jun 22, 2014Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I adore this show and the couple! LOVE their style and I can't seem to get enough of it!
Posts: 2650 | Location: Norco, CA | Registered: Mar 20, 2008Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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This is my favorite show... luv it
Posts: 6 | Registered: Jul 08, 2014Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of rker321
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Let's not brag too much about this program, every time that we say that we like a program HGTV cancels it.
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What a great show! First the work they do is beautiful,they show us how to take a unloved house and turn it into a place that a Family can spend their lives in making new memories, and they don't have to go into debt doing it. This show is the best on HGTV.Sick to death of the Property Brothers,and Love it or List it.

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I love this show! I love the fact that they are respectful of each other and the client. It isnt all a out them. They seem to really care about doing a good job for the client. I think JoAnna's designs are beautiful and timeless and Chip is a hoot. They are the ONLY people on HGTV that I would let redo my house without my input (oops...forgot about Nicole) I am glad they were renewed. I also like the fact that it isn't another show with the twins.
Posts: 47 | Registered: Dec 04, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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