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Hi! I'm looking for some advice/suggestions. I live in a small apartment with one big living/dining area. I have a dining table that is currently used as a surface for random crap, but I really want to create some sort of craft area. I knit a lot and do other random crafts, but I'm looking to get a sewing machine and learn how to use it, so I need some space for everything. Since there's no storage in this area and it's completely out in the open, plus I may need to use the table as an actual table for eating occasionally, do you all have any suggestions on how I can use this space for storing and executing crafts? Thanks in advance!!
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I would think your best bet would be a inexpensive armoire(sp?) I found one on craigslist several years ago really cheap and it works great for storing in craft supplies.
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I agree with Carol W., maybe you can try and find some type of storage unit (armoire, used cabinets, etc.) from craigslist. I've also seen some of those cabinets that open up to reveal a drop down small tabletop inside---I always thought something like that would work well for crafting. May be a pair of used cabinets placed on the floor with a board across the top for a work surface? Let us know what you come up with!
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I had a area in my kitchen where I wanted storage for small appliances. I bought wall cabinets which are only 12 inches deep. I put three side by side on the floor and topped them with white shelving that is 15 inches wide. This worked great for me. I liked this so well, I used the same idea in my living room and set my television on the top. This unit is 78 inches long...lots of storage. I am going to do the same in my craft room.

It is a great idea for me because I can use the size cabinets I want to make it large or small. The cabinets are not installed permanently, so I can move them if I choose. Marylee
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My problem is that the space is small, and I need to keep the dining room table that is already there. I bought a small secretary desk from Target about 6 months ago to use as storage for office supplies and general crafts but it's too small and is stuck behind a chair so it doesn't really offer any work space.

What I'm really looking to do is turn the dining room table into a craft table of sorts and come up with storage/organization that won't be too difficult to hide things and move them out of the way if I need to use the table for eating.
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I am having te exact same problem as you. I live in an apartment and love to craft and am dealing with the same issue. I used half of the dining room table at first, but it gets filled up quickly and if stuff gets moved I have to spend time looking for it. I did find one thing that works pretty good, I bought one of those metal cabinets with like 7 drawers that is on wheels to organize some of my supplies and it was clearanced at bed bath and beyond too. It has worked really well in getting the stuff out of bags and somewhat organized. I also like that I can push it wherever I need it to go. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I can't sleep so i leave the cart by my bed so that I can work on something without waking anyone. I am still looking for something else that might work in addition to this, but I have not found it yet. I will let you know when I do. You might want to look into something on wheels or that is enclosed or has drawers so if you have to move stuff in a hurry, it is easy and does not look messy. Or maybe something you can slide under or to the side the table when you need to clear it. Good luck! Let me know if you find something that you think is helpful.

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Suitcases! I use one for beading, one for jewelery and one for crafts using a glue gun, etc. When not in use the suitcases are stored in my closet, out of sight. I just bring one out, put it on my dining room table. No muss and no fuss. Fold it all back up and the table is clean for supper.
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Could you give us an idea of the size of the area you are willing to use for this? Say between a wall and the table? 4'X6'?

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I use Rubbermaid 3-Drawer Carts for storage, lots of them. They can be stacked (I have 3 of these stacked in one corner of my crafting area) and they have wheels so they are easily moved. You could store the unit(s) UNDER the table and roll them out when you need them. And the best part is they only cost $20 each! I get mine at BigLots.

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Use height. Reaching up is much easier than bending down. Wall file folder pockets; Over the door hangers (shelves, individual pockets, shoe organizers); Bulletin boards or strips.

The stacked rolling storage carts - clear plastic aren't as pretty just easier.

Don't write off that small desk. Search Pinterest for small desk ideas, then clean yours off and give it a new chance.

Your stash needs to be efficient - donate what you aren't using, throw out expired paints, glues, broken stuff. Don't waste valuable space on stuff you won't use.

I love organizing stuff just don't do it often enough!!!
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If you find the right armoire and they are out there there is one that has a small table that folds out.

They are nice as you can store the sewing machine in there and just close the doors when you want to put the mess away.

I always wanted this one but ended up taking over one of the small bedrooms after the children grew up and left home.
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If you invest in a unit such as the following, it is handsome enough to place in your living room. Stash additional supplies attractively in lidded baskets or boxes, storage chest or ottomans, hat boxes, etc.

Small living spaces call for the following...

Utilizing vertical space.
Utilizing "dead" space ( behind/over doors, under beds, in corners, under skirted tables, along ceiling line)
Furniture that is collapsable, stackable, offers storage, in scale, etc.

Btw, there are coffee tables that raise up to create dining tables thereby eliminating the need for a traditional dining table. They are ideal for apartment dwellers.

Murphy type armoires are more pricey than the option I illustrate in the link below, but a worthwhile investment for small multifunctional spaces. Some offer pull down beds, sofas, tables.
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