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Good afternoon all.....Here is my question....what is your take on selling your crafts at Flea Markets? I live in Florida and we have the biggest Flea Markets ever!!
Also, I need to know the best way to price your items....that has always been a problem for me. Thanks a bunch!!!
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In my experience, trying to sell crafts at Flea Markets and Yard Sales is not very rewarding. Folks tend to go to those things expecting grand bargains, and also expecting to negotiate on prices. We all know what goes into our crafts (supplies & time) and when we price accordingly, there really is no 'wiggle' room. Personally, I would stay away. Let us know what you find, maybe in FL, things are different. Hope this helps.
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Thanks pfr4.....Thank you so much for your input. I was actually thinking the same as what you said but even though I am a senior.....I am new at starting to sell my crafts. For years I have given them away and for those that I have sold I might as well given them away!! We are wanting to get into more serious selling to make a little extra ** and for something to keep us busy! So if anyone has information you can share with me for selling I would greatly appreciate it....
Have a great day and I am sooooo happy I found this site!!!
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Glad I could help. What I would suggest if you are just getting your feet wet is to look for small shows---I have always had success at church type shows or bazaars. They are usually scheduled in the fall/Christmas season, at least here in the Northeast. The churches usually have a decent turnout, since they already have a "customer base"---the congregation. They are usually inexpensive, also, about $20-30 here to have a space. In my experience, most sellers at church type sales have true "hand-crafted" items, as opposed to "buy/resell" items that are being passed off as hand-made.
Next in line for decent/inexpensive shows are town events, like festivals or community days. In this area, they are generally inexpensive (less than $50.) They generally have a good turnout and lots of nice people. Keep an eye on your local free papers (we have Pennysaver and other local freebies.) These papers are mostly ads, but they usually have listings for small shows and community events. I also use a website to search for local shows at
You can put in your zip code and search shows within a radius of your area. I find that site very helpful. Good luck and enjoy!
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Picture of rainee
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I agree with pfr4. Check with your local churches, schools, and even VHF halls etc. Even senior centers in my area hold regular bazaars to raise money for activities, etc. and some of them are quite popular. We have several bazaars that are very strict about the fact your items MUST be hand made and others not so much.
One year I played scout and went to several popular bazaars in my area at churches and schools to see exactly what kinds of items they allowed and took some time to talk to the persons in charge of the events. I found one I really like. They allow hand made items only, choice of table with or without electricity (table prices differs), and the crowd at this one was phenomenal. Unfortunately it's also tough to get a table because they have a regular crowd of crafters that come back every year.

Another option is a site like Etsy and also keep consignment in mind. A lot of shops will allow you to sell some of your goods in their stores if they like your product.

Good luck! and let us know how things go.

"Welcome to reality would you like some popcorn?"

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Thanks so much rainee....I am gonna start doing some foot work this weekend and check to see what is going on in the guys are a great help!! All of what I do is handcrafted and I just have a hard time coming up with different ideas!! But the internet is a great place to find stuff and there are so many folks who are more then happy to share some of their ideas and even different patterns!!! Thanks again girls....Have a great day!
Posts: 16 | Location: Florida | Registered: Apr 18, 2013Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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