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Disappointing programming Sign In/Join 
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I am so glad to see that others agree about the boring real estate programming HGTV has turned to. I did see an Antonio show this week, which shocked me. There were some good shows from the Next HGTV Star winners. What happened? A gardening show(s) would be nice. Please return to entertaining, instructional shows you used to have. I keep checking the listings, but soon, I won't even be doing that if they don't change.
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I too was a great fan. Now it's repeat after repeat. Some of the stars are rude. What happened to great shows that gave decorating ideas? Design on a Dime,Color Splash, Redesign, Antonio Treatment too name a few. So many reruns wouldn't be bad if they were those shows.
Tired of whiney home buyers,and people who make promises to do things in homes and then can't, Then get annoyed at the home owner for being disappointed.
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Like everyone else in these posts, I have watched HGTV for many years. And, I too, am very disappointed in the shows. I actually haven't watched HGTV over the past year! Every now and then, I look to see if any new, interesting shows are airing, but quickly realize that my efforts are wasted. The few "design" shows that have been on are nothing more than "put-on" drama! Who cares about the designer's home life? I don't want to hear their issues with their kids. I don't want to see the homeowners on camera in the middle of the night saying how tired they are, or how this was a much bigger remodel than they expected!

I also wonder, for each person that complains on these boards, how many more disappointed viewers, or ex-viewers, there are out there that don't take the time to complain. I didn't for quite some time, but, re-joined the boards just to speak my peace.

Well, do I sounded jaded? I never used to be! Thanks,HGTV! I'm signing off now!
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I am so frustrated with the programming. Others have said it well-I feel like every time I turn to hgtv- brothers, cousins, or love it/list it, or house hunters are on. Where are Candice and Sarah r, Genevieve, Emily h, Vern, and the last hgtv star-she had a couple great shows and disappeared. I want hgtv to show me how to make my home attractive, how to projects, tips and tricks, Educational! So sick of the faux drama on worthless programs. Bravo does that already. Please bring back quality programs-I started to realize many months ago the only thing I was dvring was reruns of Sarah's House (Incredible, informative designer). So disappointed- hgtv used to be my most watched channel, now i keep checking the guide,,but rarely turn to watch anything.
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HGTV what happened. I am so sick of House Hunters. I miss the wonderful home and garden shows. Please go back to your old format. I used to watch constantly but not so much anymore. Wave
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You are airing love it or list it way too much! The plots of every one is always exactly the same and can't even watch it anymore. Please find something else to run.
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I absolutely agree! I have loved watching HGTV for many years, but the last couple of years have been nothing by real estate marathons! I keep checking back hoping that SOMEONE at HGTV would "play a different tape", but so far no luck. They are losing devoted viewers in a hurry!!
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Picture of acl
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I too have been watching HGTV for many years and have become disapointed and disillusioned with the programming. I have had about as much house hunters as I can take and if I see one more foreign country house hunters, I'm going to pass out. I have all but stopped watching because there are not other shows on except house hunters. Whatever happened to all of the Design Star winners? When will their shows be airing? I am still waiting. You have great talent, why aren't you using them? What about Vern and Sabrina Soto and the landscaping shows, where did all of those shows go? Bring back the old HGTV!!!
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I just posted on HGTV's facebook wall awhile ago. A few people must have seen it, and also posted their complaints about programming today. Since HGTV is not seeing or responding to anything on here, it's worth a try.
Posts: 6 | Location: Arkansas | Registered: Oct 17, 2012Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of RafiCat
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I only started watching HGTV a year ago, so a lot of the re runs are new to me.

That said, I do hate that they show these huge long blocks of only one show. If it isn't a show I like, it means nothing to watch all day. Please, just show a variety each day!
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I too am very disappointed in the programming of the show. it used to be the best show on cable. all of the programs we used to watch are all gone. what happened to the design star winners, david, Candace and the other great shows we use to see. I am so sick of house hunters and all the repeats that come on. I hate to stop watching hgtv altogether, but you guys leave us no choice, there's nothing good on it any more. please give us back our shows we loved to watch and no more house hunters and love it list it. can you tell us what happened to the shows and why you have pulled them please. a concerned viewer.
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I cannot believe how boring and repetitive the shows are. I only turn on HGTV when I want to go to sleep. In the past, I used to have this channel tuned in on every tv in our home. No more. I'm done!!!
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My granddaughter and I used to watch HGTV all the time. We loved all the shows that helped fix up our homes and the hosts. Also loved the low budget ones that helped you if you don't have a lot of money. Right now we no longer watch the HGTV it is boring and nothing that we would be interested in. Why have you changed it so much?????
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The HGTV folks might not care what the customer thinks but I think the advertisers might.
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I joined this blog just so I COULD complain about the programming. In a word - it just *****! I was out of the country for two years, and I was looking forwarding to seeing HGTV again. Now I hardly ever watch it. Are you trying to drive away your audience? Is that the point? No one wants to watch house hunters all day long! I like property brothers, but I don't want to watch it for hours. What's your point HGTV?
Posts: 3 | Location: Oviedo, FL | Registered: Mar 21, 2014Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I feel compelled to add my two cents to this discussion. I feel like we now have HHTV (House Hunters TV). Every "new" show is another form of the original House Hunters (Beachside Bargain Hunters, Hawaii Life, etc.). And the single-show, back-to-back-to-back through the evening is BORING! I always enjoyed the decorating, gardening, makeover shows and Mike Holmes, Candace Olsen, David Bromstad, and other decorating and design shows. I liked House Hunters when it first started but a steady diet is too much. And forget Love It or List It - do the execs at HGTV not realize it's the exact same format on every episode?? Here's what I have to have to stay, we can do that, oops-no we can't do this and this, now I can't stay..."we'll love it" - gimme a break! Sick, sick, sick to death of the current way HGTV is being run (into the ground). Bad enough they run the same type of show, but then there are 4 or 5 episodes of the same show every night. I suspect all the shows we all miss are now carried on DIY in some form or another which requires extra money going to your cable company. Sadly, I don't think HGTV is even reading the posts - I found the same complaints in another discussion dating back to 2010!
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It is sad that this post was started 2 years ago and we still have the same complaints. I used to watch HGTV constantly. I loved the decorating shows. Now everything is about buying a house or remodeling one. Most of us already have homes. Give us some good decorators to help us make them nicer.
I hope the companies who advertise on HGTV see these complaints and insist they change. Or maybe we should complain to the advertisers. Apparently nothing else is helping.
I agree with 3catnight. Love it or list it could be an ok show if they didn't have the same problems every time. If I ever watch it, I fast forward through most of it. I look at the new homes if they are decent and then look at the finished product. I don't want the "we have a problem" part of it.
If you want to keep viewers, you need to change!
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I dislike the programming so much that I don't want to sit through any of it long enough to see who their advertisers are. But I agree that we need to contact the advertisers. Does anyone know who the advertisers are? If we had a list of them, we could start our own campaign for change. Clearly, HGTV does not care about the desires of their viewers. But when it comes to the bottom line, finances, they might finally pay some attention.
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Hey folks...have you seen he latest "new show" added to HGTV's line-up? Rev Run(Joseph Simmons of hiphop's Run-D.M.C) and his beautiful wife Justine are remodeling their NJ mansion and, of course, money is no object to this multi-millionaire music mogul. If you think you're sick of the wealthiest's conspicuous consumption, HGTV star's rudeness and/or stupidity, home-owner whining, and the same boring scripting... just wait until you watch a couple episodes of Rev Run. Beautiful wife Justine with all the conniving to get her way to spend unlimited amounts of money on "her" design ideas along with her pouty, little girl, baby talk voice will make you want to gag, figuratively speaking of course. Imagine this in a fake, halting close to tears, baby-talk voice...."Jo-eeeeeee! I'm so happy I could cry."

Rev Run, on the other hand, is the stereotypical, obligatory stern husband who sees her ideas as nonsense yet he's putty in her well manicured and appropriately bejeweled hands. Rev Run appears in most scenes in his clerical garb and ends each show with a semi-religious "good thought."

I've been just as disappointed and befuddled by HGTV's management decisions the last few years as the rest of you. Tonight, after watching two back to back episodes of the Rev Run show, I've concluded HGTV has hit a new low and I won't waste any more time hoping it will ever return to the tried and true shows that "hooked" me in the beginning. In fact, I registered for the members' forum tonight just so I could vent and leave this comment before cutting the cord on cable TV altogether. HGTV was always a favorite but it's not the only cable channel that's giving me way less than what I pay for. Why should I continue to pay for aggravating, sub-par cable programming when I can buy an indoor antenna and watch the major networks, PBS and several other channels for free.

Sorry to be so negative and angry but "the Rev Run" pushed me over the edge tonight.
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Completely agree. Have been a loyal HGTV fan for years. But cannot tolerate the real estate programming. Don't care if it is NY or Costa Rica, I am not interested, and will not watch anymore.
I miss the design shows! Bring back Candace Olson, David Bromstad, Mike Holmes, Vern Yip, Amy Matthews, Genevieve, Scott mcGillivan. The fact that my house looks as good as is does, is a credit to all I've learned over the years from these and other wonderful designers.
Would think there would be advertisers who want my money for the next design project.
The only person I watch anymore is Rehab Addict, Nicole.
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Very dissapointed
I browsw my TV guide hoping to find one or 2 design shows
this is just a channel for realtor shows now
I used to be a huge fan since the '90s , now not so much
I do not want realtor shows
I am not sure whats up with HGTV
Posts: 1 | Location: Boston | Registered: Apr 06, 2014Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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If HGTV doesn't watch out, there's going to be a backlash against their persecution of the Benham Brothers' personal views. Canceling their show is persecuting them for standing up for what they believe in. This is going to leave a VERY bad taste in the mouths of watchers across the country. Is HGTV forcing their liberal agenda onto us?... feels like the controversy of the CEO of Mozilla being fired for his personal viewpoint... It's proven that consumers don't appreciate how far "political correctness" has forced an incorrect bias against someone exercising the 1st amendment. Is HGTV manufacturing a controversy for ratings?

Put Flip It Forward on.

We WANT to see the 'entrepreneurial family men "leverage their good-natured sibling rivalry to help families find a fixer-upper and transform it into their dream home" without spending a fortune'.
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I am very Disappointed with HGTV's programming. Most of the real estate shows, which I don't even like, are staged and the actors are awful. Like it or List it... I like the Property Brothers, because they are hanging in there an producing three new shows. I MISS David Bromstand, Color Splash, Candice Olson, Sarah Richardson & Tommy (Sarah has a new snow Full Potential in Canada, Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder & the last on reruns Sabrina Soto. Where are the design shows? I got into Rehab Addict, but have seen all her shows over an over. I enjoyed Rev Run and am watching Bronson Pinchot now. I just finished House of Bryan:On th Rocks (rerun). I purchased DIY to see more of Nicole, Rehab Addict and Bryan Braemuler. Now I find the DIY is mostly landscaping shows. At lease I have found Cash & Cari and I Brake for Yard Sales on another network and see them more frequently. My friends and family are also disappointed. You've lost a lot of viewers in Southern Cali. OH, and I can't forget the handsome Jamie Durie. A few reruns. Really... David Bromstand was your first winner on Design Star.
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Michele in Cali back. Your must UPDATE your websites. Let the viewers know when we can expect shows that are completely off the air. Sarah Richardson's page and a link to: Full Schedule. Really? Bryan Breamuler's Bio says her has two kids. He has FOUR. And someone read this board....
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