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  Island House Hunters -- A complete fabrication?
Island House Hunters -- A complete fabrication? Sign In/Join 
The Florida Keys episode featured a Wisconsin couple shopping for an island who "bought" "Charlies Island" off of Marathon Florida. That island has been owned by a Wisconsin LLC since 2004, is currently for sale by owner with a Wisconsin telephone number and the Florida tax assessor shows no record of a sale since 2004.

I understand repackaging reality to fit the 30 minute format but I wonder if in this case it was possible that the house shoppers were in fact house sellers?

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Gee whiz!!!

I knew most of these programs were somewhat staged and/or "dramatized," but to outright lie about the buying and selling is immoral. Frown
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Too bad about the one in the florida keys. I do know the other episode about the yacht captains is true. I travel the bahamas exuma islands and have met captains Peter and Kim of M/Y Island Time, I am a captain myself and the area is a perfect place in need of a resort. They really did buy leaf cay and they are building a resort there. I don't know the status on construction but I can tell you it is an amazing place to visit. Wish them well!

Captain Geo M/Y MEME
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I remember that show. I adored that couple, and their cute grandson they got to keep a while on the island. They also wanted to make sure no "zombies" were on the island! Hilarious.
Wasn't the show taped in 03 or 04? A Wisconsin LLC, perhaps that couple (from Wisconsin) OWNS that LLC. I know properties can change hands with names of LLCs, it's a privacy thing. Your post does not at all "prove" that they did not purchase said island, as a matter of fact, it tells me that they actually did.

John 1:8
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@radiolady - This episode could not have been taped 10 years ago and just now being shown this Not only does that not make sense but the realtor was the same as the one in the episode with Peter and Kim who bought Leaf Cay and that was a recent purchase - they now have a website that's only been up since 2012 where they are selling investments in their resort. The realtor looks exactly the same as in the episode with Bob and Jeanne who supposedly bought Charlie's Island. I would guess like others have here that they, or relatives, own the island and the episode was to promote interest in the island which is now for rent and for sale. This would not be the first time HGTV has stretched the truth. There are many articles on the internet with facts regarding complete misrepresentation and fabrication of the facts - it may be called 'reality' tv but ALL of HGTV shows are scripted (just like all other reality shows are) and others have parts that are somewhat fabricated. I like to watch just to see what's out there and what can be done to a property....I ignore the facts or 'story' and all the made up drama...and I love HGTV despite all of it (altho I would prefer less made up drama and fewer rude buyers) Wink

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