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Some network will bring Flip It Forward by The Benham Brothers. When that happens I GUARANTEE I will watch that program and AVOID your network when The Benham Brothers program is being aired.
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Sorry to hear Flip it Forward has been canceled for its conservative views. Apparently freedom of speech is not practiced on this network. I have been an avid fan of HGTV for years but I will never watch it again.
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I have not watched HGTV since they cancelled the contract with the Benham brothers. The Benham's are remarkable men of integrity, who, even though they did not have to do it, followed through on making sure the 6 homes were completely renovated. Shame on HGTV. The Benham's handled this with grace and maturity. Does HGTV even understand how amazing this could have been for them? Flipping it forward for those who cannot do it without help?? People love watching something that makes them feel like there are good people out there who care. Most people I have talked to know nothing about this, or I believe there would have been an outpouring of support for the show. Look what just happened to Costco. They just couldn't keep their intolerance of people with different views as quiet as HGTV did.
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