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  Love it or List it . . . Why??????
Love it or List it . . . Why?????? Sign In/Join 
What is the network's rationale for having two shows with the same name? It does not make sense and the second show is a waste of videotape. The younger hosts do not demonstrate any expertise in their perceived areas of expertise and they are boring. The older hosts have better rapport and I actually enjoy watching to the very end of each show to see who "wins." I have been watching HGTV for many years and, in the past, there were several shows that I enjoyed watching. However, during the past 2 years, the only new show that I enjoy is Property Brothers or a similar show featuring the twin brothers. I want to watch more design shows and fewer shows highlighting real estate that the average homeowner today cannot afford to purchase.
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"Love It or List It" with cohosts Hillary and David focuses on the Toronto area. It began in 2008, if I remember correctly,, and became very popular quickly. Last year, the decision was made to host a tie-in "Love It or List Vancouver" or as we know it "Love It or List It Too" with Jillian and Todd.

I think they were just trying to expand the franchise. I do love the chemistry between Hillary and David, but I enjoy Jillian's spunkiness with Todd's determination. I halfway expect there to be an "Love It or List It Ontario" in a couple of years.

If you don't like the show, then don't watch "Love It or List It TOO." That should make it easier for you to enjoy.
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If you look at other conversations here on the board, many people are frustrated with the constant showing of Love It List It, Property Brothers and now Buying & Selling, with the same brothers. We would all love to watch other design shows; however, they don't show them. They show the same reruns of the three shows listed above over and over and over. HGTV has dropped most of the popular design shows in favor of these three shows which people are sick of, and the few design shows still on HGTV are at 6:30 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., when most people are asleep so therefore the numbers won't be there to keep the shows running. It makes no sense and the fans are frustrated.
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The two shows are for entertainment value and, I suppose, to drum up business for the realtors and designers. I know someone whose next door neighbour was on the show in Vancouver. They had no intention of moving from the start. There was work done in their house that was completed, but on the show they pretended that they couldn't do it within the budget. The finished work was beautiful and even staged and filmed, but edited out of the final show to add more drama.
The Vancouver and area house prices are realistic and still going up. These are not anywhere near the highest prices they could have shown. The Vancouver market is hot as the area is very popular.
Personally I find the Vancouver home owners more easy-going and less antagonistic than on the one filmed in Toronto. (Maybe because it always seems to be snowing on the shows from Toronto?) Jillian does annoy me and I don't think she should be so rude to Todd. btw, her design assistant does most of the real work overseeing the project. (Told to me by my friend's neighbours.)

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While I enjoy the original Love it or List it, it seems that all I see is that show, and the Property Brothers in some form or another. I initially enjoyed them, but it seems they are in, what 3? 4? different shows? It just seems these are all fix it and sell it or fix it or maybe find a new one, or some such thing. The channel is Home and Garden TV. There's nothing about gardens. Only buying, renos, and selling. Maybe it should be named Home and Realtor TV? I do like Watching the reno show, Addicted to Rehab? At least the houses don't all end up looking the same and she does some exterior stuff too. Try some changes!
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