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Commercial during Going Yard

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May 18, 2013, 12:57 PM
Commercial during Going Yard
I watch HGTV more than any other channel. It is fun and filled with Super ideas, BUT... today as I have been viewing "Going Yard," a fabulous program, the commercial just "blew me out of the water." IT WAS A VERY VIVID commercial for a movie. I was so stunned that I'm not certain about the specific title. It was about a chainsaw madman, with a woman suspended in chains, and the chainsaw running LOUD. If this type of commercial is to continue, I am certain that many will no longer enjoy the wonderful benefits of HGTV, for their personal sanity, and that of any children in the vacinity of the telvision. Please return to the HGTV on TV that allows us to enjoy the family oriented show we love so much.
Jun 17, 2013, 09:12 AM
Thank you! My 10 year old daughter is becoming quiet the decorating diva and these commercials are making it hard for us to watch without recording and fast-forwarding. I wish I new how to fight the networks...if a show is rated G then the commercial should be too. That particular commercial has created a ten year old has had trouble sleeping and we've had lots of tears because she "can't get it out of her head". Come on excuse for this! This morning it was a rated R commercial for a movie title "Over 21" during Dear Genevieve. Hold yourself to a higher standard...your viewers will love you for it!!!