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HGTV message boards not loading Sign In/Join 
I have the message boards saved in my favorites list. All of a sudden when I click on the message boards page, all I get is a blank page and something called "Script Controller". So now I have to go to, scroll down to the bottom and click on message boards to get here. No big deal, but just curious as to why this happened.
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Picture of mriley
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Caroln, I have had the same problem a couple of times. I had to go to the Geek Squad to get it corrected. I don't know what they did, but it took a while to get it straightened out. I have to pay a yearly membership fee, but it sure comes in handy when problems occur that I can't correct.
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Picture of elfie
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I think someone may be writing scripts. I had security alerts for a few pages on different threads earlier. I wrote a thread about it here, and then deleted it after I was able to enter the pages with no further warnings.
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Happens to me quite a bit. What I do now is go to the site and scroll down to message boards. Never happens there, only when I use my favorites. PITA
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I just tried clicking on the message boards from my favorites list again, only this time using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. It worked just fine.

Just another Internet Explorer "failure to launch". I'm becoming very disenchanted with IE and starting to like Firefox a lot more.
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