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Very, very disappointed that you cancelled their show. You obviously thought it was something the audience would enjoy and you were right. This is the stuff we're looking for from decent people. Not like most of the trash on TV. You've just bent and folded from pressure from the left, which in turn tells me what YOUR values are. The show was not about their values and I doubt it was going to be an open forum for them to openly discuss their views. It was a show. And it would have been a hit. I think differently about you and your programming. I will be making different choices for my show time and it will not be watching or supporting your network.
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Yes, indeed it will be a hit...just on another network. Your loss HGTV!
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I agree with the overwhelming opinion here that YOU are the intolerant ones. I doubt you have gotten complaints about some of your hosts who are obviously gay. WE tend to live and let live. YOU are intolerant and anti-Christian. As a result, I will not burden your advertisers with my "haters" money. Nor will your network be viewed on my family's television sets any longer.
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I too am really angry that you cancelled the show. You need to stand for American values like freedom of speech and religion. Why do he gay rights get all rights? Christianity is being persecuted in this Country and if you don't stand up for our freedoms, we will lose them. The gay rights people have shows of their own why can't these brothers have their show? If you don't reverse your decision I will not watch your channel anymore and I like your shows. But I need to make a stand and not be the silent majority anymore.
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I completely agree with me22.I will no longer support your programs or your sponsors.
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Me2, ME Too! I have read all postings on this matter and I do applaud the silent people who try to keep their tongue still in all of this hatred of any people who are just living their lives as they want. The American way. I sometimes now ask myself how did we get where we are today? The lies, cover ups, cheating on spouses, cheating people out of their health care that good Americans worked so hard to have.

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