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Am I the only one that would like a little more variety on the HGTV site? I have watched HGTV since the first shows and find the same ones running over and over again. The property brothers are a prime example. We need to see new faces and not just remakes of the old shows.

Also the celebrity cooking segments trying to find new chefs get old quickly.

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What happened to all the design/remodeling shows? It's like the channel has become nothing but a video multiple listing service. Every show is about buying/selling a house and the only time any kind of design work comes into it is as a side-bar to that - either fixing it up to sell it or changing it to suit you after you bought it.

Bring back all the designers/shows that made the channel fun to watch!
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I have watched HGTV for YEARS and loved it!
Where have all the DESIGN SHOWS gone?
We can't live on House Hunters and Property Brothers.
Forcing me to watch other channels.
Repeats of old design shows would be better.
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I also have watched HGTV for years and years. How many times can you watch House Hunters? Where are the designer shows? I love Property Brothers but you run them into the ground with the same repeats over and over!! Love it or list it - now that show could be so much more. Every customer is nasty and horrible and has this great expectation for little to no dollars. Those nasty people are so annoying! It is obviously staged. I hate to think everyone out there is that unintelligent to think you can remodel practically a whole house for next to nothing, especially when there expectations remain the same even when the budget is eaten up by by major issues. It really is unrealistic to think every person is like that. Even if you ran some of David Bromstad's older shows, it would be a change - and a welcome one at that. Most of us work during the day and don't have the opportunity to watch the day shows. What about Sabrina Soto? Love her stuff too! I am now relegated to start watching regular TV.
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Having watched HGTV and DIY for a number of years now. I wish to let the powers that be know how disappointed i have become. About the only show left dealing with the work is Renovation Realities. The old Income property, with the very pretty Scott.Smile Sweat Equity i can't seem to find...
The brothers are handsome, as are many of the others. Handsome guys are all over the TV .. A handsome face is not my reason for tuning in to HGTV/DIY.
The political correctness is so strong i have turned off the TV more and more...
Being so impressed with your programing in the past it is sad to leave your net works behind. There was 'something' that worked you drew viewers but it was working and some thought it needed to be fixed..
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Reba
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