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What has happened to HGTV?? Sign In/Join 
The programming is so monotonous and there are no decorating shows. Renovation raiders is literally the most awkward and ridiculous premis for a show. What happened to Candace, David and others? Really miss the old programming. 4 personalities cannot carry an entire channel.
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Totally agree! It seems all the shows are about renovating and there are not many on decorating. Not all of us can or want to renovate but are looking for ideas to decorate and style our spaces. Miss Candice, Sarah, Lara Spencer, HGTV star Danielle and even the most recent winner. More of that and less of love it or list it. Hate that show.......
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I am so over all the real estate shows. Love it or list is is sooooo fake dramatic and it always turns out fine. Million dollar rooms? I can't afford $500,000 for curtains for my bedroom so it is a show I don't care about. I used to watch HGTV alllll the time,but I want to see nice decorating for a reasonable amt of money or some fun DIY projects. I miss the old HGTV.
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After watching yesterday, there are 2 things I'd like to do. 1) get rid of Twitter 2) Get rid of the person who thinks it's cool to litter the bottom of the screen with all the inane tweets.

It's maddening to watch a serious program and have to put up with extraneous comments at the bottom of the screen. What's next - including selfies?

I'm training myself to watch the top 2/3 of the screen and ignore the bottom 1/3.
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I can't handle Flip or Flop. It's the worst show on HGTV. I would prefer another day of house hunter reruns to this terrible show. At least get experts if you are going to do this type of show.
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I'm so sad! I'm missing all the decorating shows too like Candace Tells All, Design on a Dime, etc. I even missed all the decorating shows they used to have for the holidays...I remember when Home and Garden TV was about improving your Home & Garden! Now it's all about buying and selling real estate, which is fine if this was "Buy and Sell Real Estate TV". Really, I don't mind these shows...I'm being's just that there's too many of them and there's no balance with home decorating or gardening/landscaping. The current shows are repeated a lot as well.

It is a financial issue? Am I just getting too old for the show and they are catering to a different audience? Will anyone from HGTV give us some insight? Otherwise, my attention will drift somewhere else!
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