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I completely agree...! Bring back these wonderful shows please or at least something like them!
Originally posted by bowser306090:
Originally posted by brucel2:
The only reason I registered was to complain about the crap they have on HGTV also. They may as well change the name to HTV since there are no good, much less bad, gardening shows anymore. I too used to watch on a regular basis, but now I never bother. Get the rights to "The Victory Garden" my absolute favorite or "Ground Force" or rerun Paul James' "Gardening By The Yard". What, no one is interested in gardening anymore????
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WHY is this channel showing Million Dollar Rooms? The topic is completely offensive. If those rich people can afford $150,000 for CARPET, they can pay more taxes. This is how Rome fell.
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I agree..please HGTV your viewers are every day people. Sure now and then its nice to see how the other half lives, but shows like Million Dollar homes, House Hunters and House Hunter International and all of the other shows that are catering to the Upper class, its really getting old. Like today there are at least 6 back to back episodes of House Hunters and International. Tomorrow's line up is the same thing. How does this help us with design ideas or garden? Please get back to the Old HGTV..the days that helped people like us..the real people who made your programing what it is today!
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I agree. Sadly, it appears no one monitors the so called community boards. The programming continues to decline,and not one response from Gal Abby on any of the threads I have reviewed.

The only comment I will make to those who would advocate dropping the G from HGTV, it isn't H either. It is real estate. No craft shows any more. Whatever happened to shows like The Christopher Lowell show? If Nate Berkus can take that HGTV format and make it work for broadcast TV, why can't it be replicated on the network where it originated. And, why not give the design stars a chance to grow? Their shows are buried between house hunter reruns. Hard to find, and canceled quickly.
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the only show I have really enjoyed is building alaska and that is it .The shows revolve around home buyers and all you hear is I want this I want that and I want it all .When I bought my first house all i was concerned with was the roof the plumbing and the electrical ,heating and hot water heater .The bones of the house not the pretty .I have seen HGTV and DIY network go down hill as the economy gets worse and I now watch pbs and even have to record them because they are on saturday or sunday .These 2 channels should listen but like anything they got to big for there pants and don't seem to care .They just want there money .Open your eyes as there could be an end in sight if you don't .
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I have been a huge HGTV fan for years! I may also not be in the target market at 56, however I still LOVE a lot of the shows, including the new lineup. I love the Property Brothers, Kitchen Cousins, Million Dollar Rooms, etc. The only one I have a little issue with is "Love It Or List It", as I don't believe any designer could be so bad, as to have a major issue that they don't expect taking their budget away every time. Overall, I think HGTV is still AWESOME! I want to say a huge Thank You to HGTV for broadcasting the Rose Parade, uninterrupted. The very top thing on my bucket list is to go to it in person one day. Thanks so much to bringing the beauty off all the organic materials! I also still love House Hunters, Design Star, and Divine Design!
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Originally posted by sms29s66:
darlings, welcome to the boards, but I have to ask you this: If HGTV has so many great designers why are they airing so many House Hunter reruns day and night?

darling, it's all about money. House Hunters is so cheap: no products to buy to decorate! So labor costs! Just follow the house hunter with a camera! I think they have plenty of good designers, but those shows cost money.
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What the h... happened to HGTV?? Like everyone else here, I no longer watch much at all. What's with all the real estate stuff? Who cares? Where did the design shows go to? I used to just leave the tv on in the background set at HGTV. Now it's set to the History Channel. Too bad you folks messed up your programming like this.
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I used to really like House Hunters, but it has gone down hill recently. I used to enjoy seeing how people decorated their homes and the personal touches they added. HH shows very little of that now. I don't care what people are "thinking" about doing to their homes - I want to see it after completion. Nor do I care about the kids down the street with their hot chocolate stand or how much the pet turtles love swimming in the bathtub. Those kind of things are just to fill time. Since the show is pretty much fake, why not go to the effort to show the homes after they are decorated? Also.... bring back some of the other good shows. How about Designed to Sell? I am losing interest in watching HGTV and won't be tuning in much longer...
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I too registerd here to let HGTV know how crappy their current lineup is!

Although I do watch at least once a week, I am quickly losing interest. I enjoy the show about weird houses, and watch Property Brothers for a good laugh. The home prices at least for this part of the country ( I know it's Canada ) are way higher than anything comparable around here. Likewise most of the people, I would like to kill just for being so obnoxious. I don't know if it's a Canadian thing or just the people they pick for the show. It seems like they all expect to be shown the Taj Mahal.
I used to enjoy the home remodeling shows, even though even then, they were a bit over the top. I guess they only appeal to the yuppie crowd ( aging myself ) same thing, upwardly mobile twits. It seems the same for other stations in the same vein. Travel now has dives and diners instead of exotic destinations. The food channel is less about cooking than selling fast and junk food. I could blame it on age, but I don't think so. America is being dumbed down, to be brainless consumers. Roll Eyes
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