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  What happened to my favorite shows?
What happened to my favorite shows? Sign In/Join 
So the property brothers are good but they are on all the time. with so much talent available why are shows like these not on anymore? I could watch these every day.

Gardening by the Yard, Paul James
Designers Challenge
Get Out, Way Out!
Ground Breakers Justin Cave
Over Your Head! Over Your Head!
The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie
Holmes on Homes.
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Picture of Sparky
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Common lament around here. Holmes is on DIY Network ALL THE TIME. The real question is where are the American made shows? Aren't the production companies that used to make the shows doing anything anymore? Most of the content on HGTV is Canadian. Not that I'm against their shows, but isn't there anything home grown out there anymore?

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I am not an employee of HGTV, nor is anyone else that posts here.

My advice may be worth exactly what you pay me for it. :-) For the record I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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I've been wondering the same thing. Missing Color Splash, Candice Tells All, Dear Genevieve, Sarah's House. Sick of Love it or Leave it and House Hunters. Not the variety on HGTV that we used to have.
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Picture of Teva
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Dear Abby--I have been watching HGTV for about 15 years. When I first started I was all starry eyed over all the really great shows avaiable for me to watch at all times of the day. Lately I suspect that HGTV is having an affair with real estate which is making me wonder if our affair is over. I have thought about therapy but decided it wasn't worth it. Have tried decorative magazine to fill my lonely hours but it just isn't filling the void left by Sarah,Candice, Vern and all the new stars. Could you help me with my problem before I finally give up and search for a new love?Sincerly, Teva
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I don't mind House Hunters Smile just stop with the endless re-runs of the Property Brothers and Love it or List It. Jonathon and Drew are good but not good enough to carry the network every night. Come on!

And the changes to their line up have been so abrupt, it makes me wonder if they cancelled every show from last year to start fresh this year or they've changed host. Maybe viewership was low so they figured some changes were in order. Whatever the case I firmly believe these decisions will only drive more viewership away from the network.
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Yup. It's now Real Estate TV. We should all let the Powers That Be know our disappointment.
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Yeah, I'm going to have to jump in on this conversation. I look at your Programming A-Z tab and I see so many shows I liked a lot more than what is offered now. The shows where groups compete are definitely NOT a favorite. I like more decor, more design, real homes, less drama, more travel, more specials, did I say less drama?

I ran through the list and these are the shows I wrote down, most of which are no longer on the air:

Amazing Water Homes
Amazing Waterfront Homes
America's Best Kept Secrets
Beachfront Bargain Hunt
Castles on Camera
Cool Pools
HGTV Dream Home specials
HGTV Urban Oasis
Home by Novogratz
House Hunters: Where are they now?
Key to the Castle
Small Space, Big Style
Urban Outsiders
Selling London

I already DVR:

Selling NY
House Hunters
House Hunters International

I like anything with Candice Olsen EXCEPT re-hashed shows of hers I have already seen turned into other shows.

I like Matt James. Like Ahmed on Yard Crashers.

Anything with travel and European homes.
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So so frustrated with what used to be my favorite channel.
There used to be so many great programs. What happened?! One program on almost all day? It's mind numbing. The site makes it look as if Sarah and Candice still have shows but try finding them on the schedule. It appears that HGTV has only a half dozen shows now. And I don't love ANY of them. I loved Candice, Kitchen Cousins, Curb Appeal the Block, Sarah, Genevive. Forget the magazine. If your programming ***** you've got nothing. I'm going to have to switch to watching talk shows, at least they aren't all reruns. SO SAD.
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I'm not receiving any of the shows being hosted by former design stars or any shows on crafts, designing, etc. More often I get almost an entire day of Love It Or List It, Love It or List It Too, Property Bros, etc. As someone else noted, most are Canadian productions which show only the inflated dollar values for sales in Canadian money. What has happened to the variety of shows that used to be available? Is it the viewing markets that make the difference? I'm in the KC area, which I would judge to be a good viewing market. GMDI
Posts: 1 | Location: I have some questions | Registered: May 12, 2014Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I'm so tired of hours and hours of the same shows.Especially Property Brothers and Love It or List It.Who
ever is in charge of the programming schedule needs to realize viewers are getting bored.
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I am wondering the same thing. Do the programmers at HGTV read any of the blogs or Internet criticisms of their channel? I've given up trying to find something to watch. Design shows are gardening at all. I'm not interested in moving or selling my home and certainly not interested in traveling to Europe to find one. What are they thinking? I would love to have my old HGTV back. Wouldn't you?
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I used to watch HGTV like an addict. HOURS upon HOURS of staring wide-eyed at the screen as I watched countless designers transform rooms and yards, and teach us how. Suddenly House Hunters started creeping in, which I enjoyed at first...but ever since Real Estate and construction/renovation became the ONLY thing on this channel, I have lost interest. Not only do I no longer frequent HGTV, I actually miss it very much...but not this new programming. I miss the diversity of shows and styles. I miss learning about how to make a room or yard beautiful. Enough already with the repeats of the three or four shows (House Hunters + spinoffs, Love It or List It (hate that one), and Property Brothers that are on endless loops.
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