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Rose Parade coverage Sign In/Join 
Love the commercial free coverage, wish the tweets were not streaming on the bottom of the screen. Just another screen distraction that takes away from the show.
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I agree 100%. The streaming tweets ruined the coverage. It is impossible to focus on a float or band with the streaming tweets at the bottom. Terrible broadcast decision.

HGTV execs: watch a re-run of your broadcast and see how distracting those Tweets are.

I have been watching HGTV coverage since you started, but will have to find another broadcast if you continue that practice in 2015.
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I also agree 100% - had to turn off the Rose Parade coverage - went to ABC. When I turn on a show it is to watch that commodity not a bunch of tweets that are not only terribly distracting but diminish the product. Now I just noticed they others shows are also showing tweets. If this is HGTV's plan for 2014 then they are losing loyal viewers from our household.
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I have watched HGTV's coverage of the Rose Parade for years. Your commercial-free format and informed commentators have been superior to other channels. really blew it this year. The brothers were totally uninformed (mispronouncing cities' names, etc.) and lack of knowledge of float materials along with Nancy's "ga-ga" over the brothers' sex appeal were appalling. Josh's tweet coverage (which was not only distracting, but useless) added absolutely nothing to the telecast. Finally, the writers' attempt at pun in every situation they could was juvenile. I left your coverage and went to Hallmark with KTLA's venerable duo who seem to appreciate what the parade really is. You can do much better than you did this year.
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