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  HGTV/Shaw Flooring Commercial - Modern Sofa
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Picture of saarinensweetie
Hi Guys,

I was wondering if you could help me out. This weekend (08/29/11), I saw a Shaw/HGTV commercial in which a lady is sitting on a couch changing flooring options with her remote. I haven't been able to find the Youtube video of the commercial or I would link it. My question is, has anyone else seen this commercial and does anyone know where I can get the mid-century modern style beige sofa with the splayed "walnut-looking" legs featured in the commercial? She's sitting on it. It's a rather modern design but for the mid-century style legs; however, my guess is that it's new instead of vintage. I have been sofa shopping for quite some time, and I've been looking for a sofa very much like that! Do you think I'd have better luck contacting Shaw directly? Or was it an HGTV commercial?

Thanks everyone for your help!

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Picture of sjf
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i did try shaw's few ads they have on their site but noting..however googled and found this sofa....maybe this is the style or one of their others?
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Picture of saarinensweetie
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Hi sjf,
Thanks for the recommendation of that Thrive Furniture out of California. I checked out their pieces and REALLY like them (and the prices). For a mid-century modern sofa in the $900 - $1300 price range, it's great that they manufacture in the USA, have a warranty, and have a decent fabric selection. (I know...getting a little off-topic here.) I finally found the Youtube video - it's not the exact same commercial I saw, but it has the lady and the sofa.
YouTube Shaw Floors Commercial
The closest I can find to it is the TrueModern Luna sofa (which has an option for an espresso leg). TrueModern Luna Sofa
However, Thrive Home (which you pointed out) has the Fillmore Sofa at considerably less right now.
Thrive - Fillmore Sofa

Thanks so much for all you help! Any more recommendations?

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@ SJF & Saarinensweetie,
thanks for the mention....... happy to see that you are pleased with our furniture.... if you have any specific questions or anything you would all like to see, please feel free to contact us.

Thrive Furniture
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Leslie, I've always wanted to ask a question of people who buy sofa and/or chairs on-line so I am going to take this opportunity to ask you.

How do you know it will be comfortable? Do you return it? Or does it go in a place where it will not be used?

Sorry to be so nosey but I have wondered.
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we've tried to make buying furniture online easier and less stressful. We offer an industry exclusive "21-Day Guarantee!!" whereby, if after 21 days with your item, if you are not pleased with it for ANY reason, simply return it, full refund, no questions asked..... Customers are responsible for the return freight charges, but we've negotiated rates to return items from the East Coast to West Coast for +/-$150.00, and as all of our items ship free, it's a win win situation.
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Picture of saarinensweetie
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Hi Metwo,
(Excuse the going off topic for a little!) I'll be honest: you just don't know. I'd say that of any sofa or chair or piece of furniture you buy. If you go in the store, yes, you can sit in it. You can lift it up, feel how heavy it is, feel whatever your choice of upholstery is, etc. However, the REAL test of a sofa is what does it look like in 5 years. (For example: what do 5 year old Ikea sofas look like? - Go on Craigslist to find out - I saw a 3 year old Crate and Barrel Petrie sofa that looked like somebody smushed it - horrible! After only 3 years!!!)

I do extreme (I usually log 20-30+ hours online or in store) research. I find out what the frame build, fabric "rubs", place of manufacture, weight of foam, spring makeup, etc., and I also try to elicit reviews. However, I admit I made a mistake with my last sofa. I thought I was getting the best deal (it was a $5k leather closeout from a prominent North Carolina furniture manufacturer for around $2k); however, the down and feathers in the pillows and sofa (which I thought was a sign of good quality) ended up too be just too "squishy" for my husband and I. It's really sad, because now we're looking for another, less expensive, couch (I have around $700 - $1300 to spend).

So why am I looking on-line again? I've been to the stores - not many of them, even in a metropolitan area, are offering what I want - a mid-century modern style couch that I can recover later if I want. I've mentioned the other things I'm looking for above - I have a champagne taste on a water budget. I'd prefer it made in Europe or the USA, with quality construction, etc. If I had it my way, with an unlimited budget, I'd go for Room and Board in a heartbeat, as they fit ALL my qualifications, but are over my budget in what I want. I've also looked into Rowe Furniture, Younger Furniture, Lazar Industries, and countless others. I've definitely decided against Crate & Barrel, West Elm, CB2, etc. for quality issues. Pricewise, of course, the internet is just better, even including shipping. I've found that once you add in tax @ $100+, delivery to the house ($100), and their markup - things just go out of my price range very fast. One thing with all internet couches I have to know is what is the seat width measurement (from the cushion out) and how firm the cushion foam is (firm, med. firm, etc.). Hopefully I won't have a repeat of my last experience! Also, as the guy from Thrive mentioned, some internet sellers will return it, you just have to check carefully for any kind of restocking fee. I know it's a lot to think about, but the savings are worth it to me. I just can't get the style I'm looking for - for the price I'm looking for - around here. Oh, and to answer your question - space is at a premium in my living room (no sectionals for me!), so if this couch doesn't work out, it will have to be returned - I don't have a choice! Frown

So, to summarize, I would tell you - shop online if you have to. If you're a bargainista who loves a good deal or are on a tight budget. Or you're looking for just the right style and can't find it in your local area. Or, if the online store has an excellent return policy (which is not often the case). However, do remember that even if you custom order a sofa in a fabric you pick out (like many furniture stores), you still will have never sat in that particular sofa until you get it! Smile

Thanks for your question, it was really thought provoking! I hope I was able to answer everything? It's definitely not nosiness!

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Picture of saarinensweetie
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Oh, and I forgot to mention, the only internet companies I deal with are the ones who are willing to send me swatches! I HAVE to see the color/weight/texture in person! In fact, I would highly recommend that to you as well... Smile
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Picture of saarinensweetie
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Hi Josh @ Thrive,

I appreciate your comments - thanks for posting and letting me know about Thrive's return policy (which is sorely needed in internet retail!) I am still in the process of doing my "due diligence," but as a consumer, I really appreciate the way you guys run your business. I noticed your furniture construction pictures on the Thrive blog, and your comments about springs. Very nice. I would definitely come see you guys if I was in CA! (Wouldn't that be nice...) Wave

I will contact you directly if I have any questions.

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Hi Saariensweetie,
Appreciate the complements. Fabric double rubs are always a good thing to consider before your purchase as the cover is what will bear the brunt of the use. Fabric composition is equally important. Repelling stains from the occasional spills will keep your sofa looking new year after year. As far as how a sofa will look in 5 years, quality of materials and maintenance will dictate the longevity of your sofa. We use 1.8lb HR foam in all of our body padding and seat cushions. The foam will rebound nicely over the years. Proper maintenance is key, a sofa is an investment, much like a car. And to maintain your investment you will need to rotate your cushions (ours are all reversible) and occasionally fluff the fiber and feather to redistribute within the channels.
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I saw your site and it looks great. The styles look great too. But...

Firstly, you say "1.8 HR foam"...when did 1.8 pound foam become HR (high resiliency)? 1.8 (1 cubic foot weighs 1.8 pounds) is the pretty much the cheapest seating foam you can use. Very similar to what the lady above mentioned in regard to the Crate and Barrel Petrie disintigrating after 3 years. It's the same density of foam used on low end sofas like Jonathan Louis and stuff out of China. Ikea uses 2.5 pound foam in their $399 Karlstad sofa "Seat cushion: Polyester wadding, High-resilience polyurethane foam (cold foam) 2.5 lb/cu.ft."

Not trying to bag on you because 1.8 is actually pretty standard in the industry (amazingly). So in the context of the industry it's average, but in my opinion the industry in general uses low quality foam and that's why sofas wear out so fast. In my opinion any decent quality sofas that I think are worth over about $700 bucks should come with at least a 2.0-2.5 pound foam.

Also on your web site on the about us -> Environmental Policies page it says you are "moving toward" using FSC (sustainable) wood. I'be been "moving toward" finishing painting our garage for about the last year but I'm not going to brag about it until I actaully do it. Point being you don't sell eco-friendly products in any way shape or form. Don't put a big green leaf on your web site and have a page about how you love the environment if you're not selling a green/eco product. You are using the same materials as every other factory, I.E. non-sustainable wood, petroleum based foam (as opposed to latex or soy based), petroleum based fabric (polyester), petroleum based synthetic batting (as opposed to cotton), etc.

Again, it's all good. Not hating on non-eco products since I don't "go green" myself. Just think is kind of sleezy to front like it's an Eco product when it's not.
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Picture of orangeelover
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didn't read all the replies but many modern sofas at:

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If you are looking for modern Quality sofa bed mattresses,just click on the link.It is the best option now a days.
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Picture of FurnitureAddict
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If i can add my 5 cents please
take a look at this mid-century modern style sofa
, model SPN-Lira, price looks good, i also love it's fabric combination...

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Where I can see how purchasing a sofa online would be much easier or simply, I do think it would be a well drawn out process, especially if you require samples before making an real buying decision.

Computer Q & A

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Where can someone find some really affordable flooring? How cheap can flooring really be?
How far are you willing to go to find such low prices?

Based in the Appalachian Mountains of Murphy, North Carolina, we here at ReallyCheapFloors are able to sell you your dream floors on a dime. Some of our cheapest floors are as low as 99 cents a square foot.

Check out our website at and find your dream price. You can also contact us at 800-253-2728 to ask us the most detailed of questions that you desire. You will not be answered by a machine! You will be answered by one of our representatives within just a few rings!

Whether you are looking for Prefinished Hardwood, Engineered Hardwood, Laminate or Resilients... we offer really cheap prices on them all!
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