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Classic or a trend? Sign In/Join 
I am getting ready to start a mild remodel of my kitchen (painting cabinets, new counters and appliances). I have ALWAYS loved the looks of oil rubbed bronze knobs, fixtures, etc. BUT, I'm wondering if they are just a trend or will they still have a classic look in another 20 years??????

Also, what about white cabinets? It seems like everyone I know has white cabinets now. It's easier for us to paint our current cabinets instead of staining them, so we're going with white. I'm hoping they never go out of style.

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Designers for both individuals and for large manufacturing companies are always on the move, looking for new ideas and inspirations. It is only recently that interior design has been thought of in the same terms as fashion, as a commodity that needs to be updated constantly. Just because what you are doing or what you like is not being shown in magazines or in showrooms does not mean you need to redecorate. It simply means that the market is offering a new solution to old problems for those that need or want a fresh perspective.

Just like short skirts always preceed long skirts, and chunky shoes give way to stilettos, designers will alway look for and promote the opposing look to what prevailed before it. White cabinets, and painted cabinets of any color have gone in and out of fashion at least six times since the 1920's. I wouldn't worry about it.

What people should be concerned with is starting a project they can not afford to finish, since the materials you use may be discontinued and replaced with the "next big thing" before you are finished.

As a designer who has been working in the field for almost 30 years I do not believe white cabinets or any painted cabinet are ever "wrong" in a kitchen. Paint has always been durable, cleanable surface, which preserves the integrity of the wood beneath. What's not to love?

Oil Rubbed Bronze however makes me think of 1950's fake Colonial hammered iron latch style hardware (or worse the iron hardware with the Alpine hearts at the end!)and even though I have it in my own home, I think it is a trend that will date itself like "pickled" wood or cerused finishes.

Chrome or nickel are without a doubt the most practical metal finishes in an area that gets heavy use and lots of water. Not everyone likes a shiny metal, but it is hard to scratch, easy to clean, and resistant to decay.That's why they have been used in kitchens and bathrooms for years.Brass is great if you are going for a more authentic Victorian look, but brass is a pain to maintain. Other finishes like satin nickel or ORB are really more trends, just so the market has something new to sell, neither one is particularly more durable, or even cheaper, just different.

It is my experience that unless you spend a ton of money on designer hardware it is best to pick a combo that isn't so drastic as dark metal on white. Hope this helps!
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I agree on several points...white/off white kitchen cabinets are classic. What has changed is the random height and furniture look of kitchen cabinetry as well as the glazing techniques. I doubt your white cabinets, if done correctly, will go out of style anytime soon. Also, and importantly, it is your home so do what appeals to you and is within your budget. As for ORB, I did change out my kitchen hardware and light fixtures with it ((I am dealing with the currently unpopular honey oak cabinetry and although the compliment my stain, the faucet finish is wearing. That too is fine, if you like an antique feel which was NOT what my intent was. My upcoming master bath remodel will feature polished chrome fixtures as this is a classic choice, is durable and acts as sparkling jewelry.
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It is really hard to say if something will be still fashionable in 20 yrs. Whole culture is in progress. Each designer is looking for some new inspirations and new ideas.
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I think in the era that we are living in, there is no way that something will still be fashionable in 20 years.
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Thinking that far ahead for resale isn't really feasible, in my opinion.

If it's for you, thinking that you will have the same taste in 20 years, think about if you have the same taste now as you did 20 years ago. As our lives and experiences in life grow and evolve, most of the time our tastes will, too. (Not everyone, but most.)
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I like ORB hardware. I figure if I use simple knobs on my drawers and cabinet doors, it's easy to update with a different knob if needed when I decide to sell or if I want a quick refresh.
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I believe if you have the money, you should always get what YOU love the most. Even if you are going to sell in 10 years. Why live with something you'd rather not have just so someone in the future might like it...or not.

All this going in and out of style is a big money waster. I've seen nostalgic 50's kitchens that look wonderful, super sleek contemporary and industrial restaurant kitchens that are all gorgeous. These kitchens come in every material and color imaginable. Just take a look through the kitchens on the Houzz website. Even the much hated BRASS fixture is coming back.

I like brushed Stainless steel, ORB and Copper myself, aged in all it's discolored glory. I really dislike Chrome...too bright for me.
I would never think an all white kitchen is trendy nor an all oak or cherry either.

It's your home and you see it everyday, get what you love.

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I can't think of anything more boring than picking something only because you think it is timeless. Who wants to live with the same look 20-30 years from now anyway?
Styles change and tastes change and in 20 years you might want something different anyway.
So bottom line for me is to stop worrying whether a certain style will make the test of time and instead enjoy something you really love that speaks to you and change it some day if the spirit moves you.
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