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The Missing Photovoltaic Solar panels

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May 23, 2014, 11:36 AM
The Missing Photovoltaic Solar panels
I often look for the photovoltaic panels on each new Smart Home, and find lately that this green feature has been missing.
I have solar panels on my home, and drive a hybrid SUV. I try to be fair in the approach to green, and hopefully give a fair assessment.

Perhaps some of the following is reason for HGTV to reduce the solar storm. Solar owners, join in.
My conclusion: Orig cost and panel depreciation play too big a part...
and you have to put those panels somewhere.

Today's WSJournal has an article on Solar installations.
An example was a $28,000, 6 KwH panel saves a max of 20%* (see below) on the annual elec bill. But the depreciation of the solar system to the home seller is 9% per year. One barely pays back in 25 Years in savings what the system originally cost.

But solar does attract buyers according to the realtors in CA, AZ and HI.

*Solar has a max panel sunlight output of 50% over the year which is reduced further by sun angle and clouds/precip.
*GA, for example, uses 46 KwH per day per house. At 13c per KwH including tax, 6 KwH solar would provide a savings of $440 a year. That is a 350 sq foot panel setup.
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