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(Scroll on by if you are not into the future of wind farms)
This comes from browser topics on the subject...

Wind turbine blades have been failing; hundreds in the last two years. The underlying issue is whether wind farms will last the predicted 20 years, and whether they will need constant remedial work; wind-generated electricity is very expensive.
Blades continue to break off due to stress from wind, and hail, from lightning strikes, from just plain fatigue from daily movement and temperature effects.
Braking systems designed to shut down moving blades, blades that have reached maximum speed, have been failing in high wind conditions.
The blades are 20% of the cost of the total unit operation.
A cracked blade that is repaired with fiber/resin has a balancing issue, since repair adds to blade imbalance with its added weight in the repair area.
Lubrication is another vital component, with engineers having to address extreme temperatures both cold and hot.
It ain't easy.
Being green, that is!!

Respectfully submitted,
shoeshine boy

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Boy, that's too bad. Any idea what percentage of the installed base is failing?

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There was no percentage mentioned. The blades' maintenance is quite high. TV programs have shown the maintenance challenges of all the items that make up wind power.
Eventually we will know the green picture with regard to costs.
We know much more about conventional power production hazards, costs and affects.
It looks like China's prime source will be coal, clean or dirty. We should get clean coal studies cranked up and put into play. :>)


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