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  What is the best type of bathtub material?
What is the best type of bathtub material? Sign In/Join 
I need a new 60 x 30 bathtub and am totally confused on what the best material is. I keep hearing Cast Iron, but it is so heavy & my contractor will charge more because of the weight. Then there is Americast , acrylic & fiberglass. I heard fiberglass is the worst. I want something that will last. I looked at Americast but read it chips easy. Anyone have experience with them? What about acrylic tubs? Are they sturdy enough? I am overwhelmed. My contractor told me any material will outlast me & will not chip unless I drop a heavy metal object on them. I have googled way too much and get mixed reviews. ANY advice will help!

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Apparently, Fiberglass is the least expensive and is strong. But this article should help you decide on what you want for the price and quality:

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You both appear to be promoting websites which is considered advertising and is therefor against board rules.
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There are many choices available from which you can choose. Before settling on what type of countertop you want, you must take into account factors such as its price, durability, maintenance, style and installation. Some of the best materials that can be used for your countertop are marble, laminates, tiles, granite and soapstone.

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Personally, I will suggest acrylic and fiberglass mix. They are pretty reliable and less expensive too. I've got myself a clawfoot bathtub, few months back and so far it is in good condition. I've got few suggestions from my friends and that's how I ended up with it. The tub also looks great. It is somewhat similar to the black tub in this blog, just the foot is white.
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We have a house built in 1989. I don't know if this tub is acrylic, fiberglass, or a mix. It's held up incredibly well without yellowing or cracking.

In the home we just moved OUT of, the tub (again, don't know if acrylic, fiberglass, or a mix) was white and had yellowed within 5 years. And cracked at 15 years.

Both bathrooms had windows and natural light.

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Recently, I consulted one of the bathroom renovation service offering company. They provide me best information about how to select the best material for bathtub, shower and many more related things with clear data..

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In the past, people would put their bathtub anywhere in the house where they had privacy, but now the bathrooms are designed around the bathtub. Homemakers try to look for such bathroom bathtub design ideas, which are convenient, luxurious, and easy to manage apart from giving them a comfortable bathing experience. For more info you can go through this page:
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I mostly preferred the dark color stone which is like quartz which seems good and cleaning also easily to me.
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Now-a-days, We have a wide range of options for the selection of best bath tub materials. Mostly we have to select based upon the interested color pattern and amount.

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There are many materials used for bathtubs as you have seen. We have been selling tubs (among other items) for over 25 years and we find the best sellers are cast iron and acrylic. The pros of acrylic are that they can come in various shapes and sizes, but cast iron is much heavier and is a more solid tub!

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